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    Tesla style replacement radio

    That looks really nice . How long is the boot up time ? Also , did you require the extra harness for the Sony system as you mentioned would take an additional 2 weeks ?
  2. drjoe

    Shift to Park Warning when it's in Park

    Just received the part today. ignore the terminals i know there to the left but i can still solder my wires to them and bend them straight if I have to. https://www.dropbox.com/s/qlp4gl1fvdzl82i/IMG_0143.JPG?dl=0
  3. drjoe

    just a test ignore

  4. drjoe

    Shift to Park Warning when it's in Park

    I have 2011 sport having the same issue. I only have 40k miles, my warranty ends this month Im going to call the dealership I purchased it from to see if they can help me out covering the cost. Ive already purchased 2 vehicles from them and Im very loyal to them when it comes to maintenance and repairs. At the same time I will order the switch for $3 just in case. I think the part # mentioned earlier is incorrect, you want to get the switch with post on the left and Im guessing its the long hinged lever so that would be part # d2hw-bl221h. Please correct me if im wrong.
  5. drjoe

    New 22" rims . thoughts ?

    The pics are posted just do a search for Ford edge wrapped .this is a vinyl wrap its pretty much like a sticker put on the truck and cut to the right shape. It can be removed when I want . This isnt new technology it's been used by commercial vehicles for advertisement for years .
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  7. The wheels are 22" with the factory size tires 265/40/22.I put in h&r lowering spring in the winter which makes the ride a lot better. Thanks for the compliment
  8. Check out the website with all the different wraps , http://www.restyleitwraps.com/gallery/
  9. For a professional factory like paint job here in Canada I would have to spend 10k. Vinyl is good for me , it protects my paint and if I ever have a scratch all I need to do is get the one panel rewrapped. Also if I get bored of the color I can always change it.
  10. Agree, the spoiler should of came off but I know the guy and he cut me a great deal I would feel really bad if i told him what to do. I am really happy with the end result tho, the pictures don't really show the beauty of the vinyl. It's one of these things that you have to see in person.
  11. It was silver before, you can see the original colour in 1 of the pics. I had them do the diffuser in carbon fiber which makes it look really unique. The material was around 500$ and paid 800$ labour
  12. drjoe

    New 22" rims . thoughts ?

    If you order rims and rubber from the states you can save 300$ or more. There is a place near me called premiertire their prices are competitive you can check them out.