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    Heat Shield/Sun Shade

    This is gone
  2. anglwngss

    Heat Shield/Sun Shade

    Hi all. I have a heat shield/sun shade that I no longer need. It's one of those custom things, especially made to fit the Edge. I'm asking $10 plus shipping. I traded my Edge in, so I don't have it anymore. Nothing is wrong with the sun shade. It's the roll up kind and it does NOT come with a bag. If you have any questions, please post or contact me by email. Angelight@gmail.com Thank you.
  3. anglwngss


    I don't know what the white is in the pic. It's not on the car itself..
  4. anglwngss


    I put a Texas Flag decal over the Ford logo, small American flag type butterfly decals on the window and also had a darker tint applied. I got front windows tinted and applied a darker tint to rear windows. I also have a small butterfly decal on the rear window, and I got chrome door handles. I also put the Texas flag decal on the front Ford logo. I got black floormats and the Weather Tech cargo mat. I'm still looking at maybe adding a chrome bug deflector, maybe change the antenna, get seat covers. I'm not sure what all else. This is the early stages, still!
  5. anglwngss

    Try as I might,

    Yep, That's what I tried. I even pushed in while hubby was pulling up, thinking strength might be an issue. They just don't budge.
  6. anglwngss

    Great Lease Program

    Leasing worked great in the past when I was unable to afford monthly payments on purchasing the vehicle I wanted. After the lease was over, I financed the rest and bought the vehicle.
  7. I have a 2009 Edge Limited. I'm not sure if it matters on the year of the vehicle, but thought I'd add. Anyway, it does have the small holes on the bottom of the headrests. I have tried the paperclip method, pushing in while pulling up. It didn't work. I tried with an allen wrench, pushing in while pulling up, didn't work. I tried with the engine running and the engine off. I simply cannot get them OUT.. Is there a different method? Did they change something in the 2009? Thanks for any ideas.. Naysayers need not comment.
  8. anglwngss

    Auto-Lock on 2010 Edge

    I'm just curious, BUT.. Why do most (maybe all?) automatic vehicles have auto-lock anyway? I just came from owning many, many standards. None came with an autolock. So, I'm just wondering what's the big deal? This is meant to help end my curiosity, not stir up anything.. Thanks!
  9. anglwngss

    Distance to Empty Reset on 2008 SEL ?

    Drive around the block (or two) go to another gas station, turn off the key, refuel. I dunno if it'd work or not, but could try.
  10. anglwngss

    Found it!!!

    Are there any differences in the 08 and 09 Edges? I've got a 09, and would like to get this as well!
  11. anglwngss

    If I Knew Then...

    I can't get mine to pair up at all. Pfft.. Need to take it back to the dealer to see if they can do it. They owe me a free wash before the week is over anyway!
  12. I have an 09 as well, but don't have any problems seeing the dash in either the daytime or at night. So, it could be a subjective thing (dim to you = bright to me) or yours really are defective. Dunno....
  13. anglwngss

    I'm new

    lol, I saw that too, and my first thought was "What???!" :eek5:
  14. Did anyone ever determine if these kits would void any warranties or not?