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  1. Does sync work with the Motorola Karma.......i.e.: auto phonebook download ? My wife is due for an upgrade and this phone is free.
  2. BlazedUp

    The truth about Edge A/C

    Wih the heat not in the defrost position and outside temp is 50 degrees, why the hell does the A/C icon light up and run the compressor. I know the compressor runs in the defrost position to remove moisture from the air.
  3. BlazedUp

    New 2010 EDGE Limited

    Seems like the fenderwell clip is missing. Also, the front bumper will clip into the fender but it has to pushed hard......and I mean hard. Your bumper looks exactly like my wifes after a run in with a deer. That really does suck to have this issue on a new car, but it does happen. Hope you get everything taken care of to your satisfaction.
  4. I too have the auto climate control and have been looking into remote starts. That really defeats the purpose of having the remote start if you cannot turn on the heat/ a/c. I was just going by how the remote starter worked on a Grand AM GT I once owned. Have you notified the dealer, and if so, what have they told you about these issues. BTW, how much did they charge to install the starter? Thanks.
  5. BlazedUp

    Infinity Kappa 6x8s

    Yeah, the wizzer cones do suck. Having speakers amped you must have speakers that can handle the juice. The more power you have driving the speaker, the louder you can crank it without getting any distortion. I would like to change the sub out but I would also like to amp it at the same time.
  6. You have to have the heat or a/c on when you shut the car off......then, when you start the car via fob, they will turn on. The defroster will not come on unless you hit the button on the dash.
  7. The harness was faulty from the box. Loose connectors. The original harness contained no capacitor. If you state the reason for the SJB blowing out was because I did not install the relay, then why have others not used the relay and it apparently works. You say you include the cap already wired into the harness due to my inability to follow directions.....that makes no sense whatsoever...seeing as how the harness you sent me originally had no cap. After I installed the cap you sent me to tap into the harness, thats when the SJB blew out....not before. I just helped you work out some issues so you can send customers the right harness and a working final product.......your welcome. Answer your phone.
  8. BlazedUp

    Sync 2.1 released

    I may have issued incorrect information. Thanks for correcting me bro !
  9. You seem to be the right person hurt........
  10. BlazedUp

    Infinity Kappa 6x8s

    Just changing speakers will make no difference at all. Why change speakers if you do not "crank it loud" waste of money if you ask me. The most important thing with speakers is to have adequate power to drive them. You want to match the power out put to the speakers RMS. Stock speakers when delivered more juice will have a night and day difference in sound. Try amping the stock speakers, and if that is not adequate, you can always upgrade as you will need the amp anyway. Peace ! BTW, Infinity kappas were the shizzle like 5 years ago. There are better speakers out there that are cheaper.
  11. You bag me up Lex.......should we let everyone know we have been friends since we were 10......oops, the cat's outta the bag brother ! I will see you tomorrow at "crossroads".
  12. Maybe the title should have read......... "BUY RETRO-SOLUTIONS HID'S !!!!! FOR SUB-PAR CUSTOMER SERVICE, GARBAGE EQUIPMENT, AND THE ABILITY TO BLOW OUT YOUR ELECTRICAL SYSTEM TO THE TUNE OF $1,000 !!!! 100% Satisfaction Before, during, and after the sale right Todd.
  13. BlazedUp

    Sync 2.1 released

    You can most certainly upgrade from 1.3 to 2.1 They completely wipe out the old version and download the new one. Sometimes it is better to keep 2.0 and not upgrade to 2.1 ..... 3.0 is due out shortly after new year which is supposed to resolve issues some are having with 2.1 Peace.
  14. Thanks secur, I was waiting for someone to point that out. As if I have not been through enough already. Ford felt bad because of all the other issues I have had with this car so they covered it. Ford is well aware of the HID's and didnt get over on anyone. I have had up to date , well over $6,000 in warranty repairs to this car.....and I still like the vehicle...go figure. My wife has spent well over 30 some hours in that damn waiting room with our daughter who was under 1 year at the time of all the issues. Cut me a break man, and worry about pleasing your own customers. On top of all this, the wife hit a deer yesterday. The outside front bumper didn't look bad at all, but 5 or 6 pieces behind the bumper were trashed. Only good thing is that this falls under comprehensive so our rates will not go up. Peace.
  15. BlazedUp


    I hope they last more than a year. I paid around $50.00 for a pair.