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  1. Bobby

    2011 Ford Edge Debuts 2.0L Turbo Eco Boost

    Fingers crossed it will be available by summer.I too like the idea of a smaller engine.Hopefully with the smaller engine it might get 30 highway miles per gallon.
  2. Bobby

    Ford edge 2011 pics

    OK,Spill the beans bbf. What will be the engine options for the 2010.5/2011 edge? :hyper:
  3. Bobby

    Ford edge 2011 pics

    There are some body changes but I'm more interested in whats under the hood and the interior changes. IF it has the new turbo 4 cyl(2.0 liter),will it be enough?
  4. Bobby

    Remote Start

    Hey guys, Does anybody know if the "remote start" is only installed in the factory or is this an option the dealer can do with minimal possibility of mucking something up? Thanx in advance, Bobby
  5. Bobby

    18" vs 20" tires?

    Your right bbf,My previous post was a knee jerk reaction on discovering that someone had a PTU problem on a 2010 edge.Warranted or not,it still concerned me.I dont want to spend 30+ K on a car and have an issues after the warranty runs out. FYI-I went to the dealership over the weekend and looked over the wheels.Not a huge difference (appearence wise) between the 18" vs the 20".I decided the 20s aren't worth the extra duckets.Thanx for you input. Bobby
  6. Bobby

    18" vs 20" tires?

    WOW that sucks doviosgirl! I read about the burning smell and thought that ford would have tooken care of the reacurring problems with the PTU seal.Apparently not.I'm now having second thoughts about buying this car.Thanx for the info.Anybody else still having problems with the PTU seals on a 2010 edge AWD cars? Bobby
  7. Bobby

    18" vs 20" tires?

    Thanx Guys,the above info was exactly what I was looking for.I appreciate your time.I'll read that articule that was mentioned and probably will test drive both and let you guys know.
  8. Bobby

    18" vs 20" tires?

    Hi all, I'll be buying an edge soon and I'm undecided about upgrading to the 20" tires option.What are the advantages of a 20" over a 18"? Thanx, Bobby