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  1. Edge Guide

    Super News Ticker Disabled

    Super News Ticker Disabled Starting today, 03 March 2020, the Ford Super News Ticker is disabled.
  2. Edge Guide

    What happened?

    Thanks for reporting the issue
  3. Edge Guide

    What happened?

    Found the issue and fixed it. If the error comes up again, it's only temporary as we're troubleshooting to see why it's happening. The software has a bug differentiating between desktop and mobile. . . Robert
  4. Edge Guide

    Is this supposed to be better?

    We've been asking for a dark theme for 10-years from this software manufacturer. Apple just added theirs recently...
  5. It's so very often that the software maker issues an update and breaks things. Not pleasant.
  6. Edge Guide

    Remove orange banner from top!

    In the previous software version, you could hide/dismiss. This is their "improved" version 🤧
  7. Edge Guide

    EcoBoost Tuning

    A new section for EcoBoost Tuning
  8. Edge Guide

    3.5L / 3.7L Tuning

    A new section for 3.5L / 3.7L Tuning
  9. 2019 Edge Final Orders Due: 05 July 19 2020 Edge Order Bank Opens: 15 July 19 2020 Edge Scheduling Begins: 05 August 19 2020 Edge JOB1 Start of Production: 30 September 19
  10. Edge Guide

    Vendor Forum

    Here you go: https://www.fordedgeforum.com/forum/25-classifieds/
  11. New forum for the 2019 Ford Edge and Lincoln Nautilus -
  12. Edge Guide

    Ford Edge ST Nation !

    Ford Edge ST Nation ! There's now a separate site for the Edge ST Nation, which is specifically designed for Edge ST enthusiasts and owners. Click here to check out the site now.
  13. Edge Guide

    Got to drive a ST Edge and a 2019 Sport Explorer Yesterday

    Ford Explorer ST Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/FordExplorerST
  14. Edge Guide

    Adding Photos / Media to a Post

    It must be permission based - I pasted the same video and it worked perfect. Looking into this.