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  1. Been a while since I've been on here. 1. Keep up the fight Blizzard!! 2. I still have my sunroof issue, less frequent lately for some reason. 3. Roof actually completely quite at one point. 4. I would estimate my vehicle has been in for the sunroof rattle or another rattle that was caused by the at least 12 times. 5. I have a rattle from right rear passeng seat, that started after they were trying to eliminate the sunroof rattle. They have tried to fix this a good 5 times. I asked for to replace my vehicle...pretty much got laughed at. I brought my vehicle to another dealer who looked at it and said that the roof should be replaced, then refused to do it. Said it's my original dealers issue! I called customer service and said wanted to have it fixed at another dealer, they did a 3 way call with the dealer that refused and my original dealer. Customer service came back on the phone and said I HAD to take it to the opriginla dealer. In the mean time I am telling anybody who will listen. I have managed to scare off 14 potential ford owners. My goal is 100! Will never EVER buy a FORD again. 1st and last! Oh ya ...my drivers seat is now loose.
  2. Plain and simple, until my issues are fixed with my 2010 Edge, I am singing like a bird. I tell my neighbors, family, friends, teammates, and co-workers aboyt the trouble I have had and that I'm not the only one. The in turn do the same. Ford customer service has been in touch with to get it fixed. I have told them until they have a fix for the Vista Roof, I am not interested in brining in it for more trial an error which has caused more squeeks, rattles, creaks and cracks. My Edge is a peice of crap.....Plain and simple!
  3. Any resolution to this? I have a 2010 and almost the same issue, mine seems to come from the FRONT moonroof, passenger side, REAR corner
  4. Thanks very much. I hope you get it replaced! I don't think we are as well protected here in Canada. My dealer is still trying to fix the issue and have been great to keep trying, but it sucks that I own a vehicle that I hate becaue it has so many ratlles!
  5. Hi Bilzzard2010 would you mind emailing me the name of your dealer. My dealer would like to talk to yours to see what they have tried and what didn't work? ralph@quyonferry.com
  6. Exactly the same as mine. When I bought the vehcile it was quiet, then November came and it began. It will still happend in the summer, just not as often, and the rain stops it. I know it's not on all Edges because I've driven in others and they ran quietly.
  7. I doubt you are having it. It's louder and occurs more often when it's colder but also happens when it's warm. My last test drive with the service manager last week it was +20 here in Ottawa. It was rattling around like they had never fixed it. This was after them replacing the roof liner. If you are having the issue you'll know it for sure when it's happening...it will drive you up the wall.
  8. This is exactly what mine does. They have tried several things as well including a new roof liner. Still not fixed. Is anbody else having this issue? I highly doubt blizzard and I are the only two 2010 edge owners with this issue. Are there any Ford Edge techs that follow this thread that can help? If you have this issue you will know. It will drive you nuts. It will make HATE your Edge and want to never ever buy a Ford again.
  9. Same with mine..rear right corner area of the Vista roof. Please let me know if you get it fixed and I'll do the same.
  10. ME TOOOOOOO!! WOW I also have a 2010 Edge and have the Sunroof issue. It's back at the dealers today for the 5th time. Last time they replcaed the entire roof liner. Issue still not solved. The dealer said they've never expirienced this issue. It's extremely anoying and I absolutely HATE my Edge because of it. Please let me know if you get yours fixed! I'm in Canada.
  11. This has happened to me as well. It's happened 4 times! I can't reproduce it though. I've had my2010 Edge 6 months.
  12. WOW! I have a 2010 Edge and rattles like crazy!! Going to the dealer for the 2nd time on Monday. What is BAMR?? Wher should I find the loose pice. I also have some creaking noise that sounds like it coming from the rear passenger door area. But the VISTA roof is very bothersome!
  13. I don't think I can live with it nor should I live with it. This is my first Ford, hopefully not my last! I'm going to take it to the dealer for the 2nd time next week.
  14. am I the only one with this issue??
  15. Sorry it's not Ice on the Glass. It was +10 C here today, and it still did it. It just does it more when it's cold and does it louder. This is my first Ford vehicle, I can't imagine they all creak and crack like this. It does it at low speeds on minor road cracks. I've had it in once to the dealer and they said they re-attached and secured the "vista connectore in the head liner??" . It didn't help.
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