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  1. Does anyone of you guys have them installed? Wanted to see how good the tube light on day is. https://www.amazon.com/ACANII-2007-2010-Projector-Headlights-Headlamps/dp/B07ZWPM5SZ
  2. Do you have pictures of them installed on your F-350?
  3. Hi guys, I got a problem on my 2007 SEL AWD. I was already at my local mechanic a few times and he can't find where it comes from. It sounds like a metal popping noise and only appears once everytime when coming from a left turn to straigt or when I drive a bumpy road. It sounds for me like its coming from the driver side front wheel area. I also can feel it in the footwell. It only appears in city driving, not on the Autobahn. Everything seems to be tight. Have checked it a few times. Hope you can help me.
  4. First Video from footwell area. It's sounds complete different on the video, like I hear it in real. I handled the car at about 30mph and turned fast left and right.
  5. You mean the whole wheel hub bearing or just the bearing to be replaced?
  6. About 160k. Struts/strut mounts nevere replaced. Lower control arms were changed about one year ago. Sway bar links, maybe 2 years ago. What do you mean with plink sound, like a higher frequent sound? It sounds for me like, the spring slips off somewhere. But when I jack up the car, the springt doesnt make any noise and everything looks fine. Should I make a Video of the noise?
  7. CivicSi907

    2007 AWD Wheel Bearing Torque Specs. and question

    Anyone knows if there is a preassembled front wheel hub assembly with bearing for a 2007 AWD Edge? Thanks! @WWWPerfA_ZN0W maybe you know best?
  8. Can you guys tell me, why my front Bumper is loose where it hits the fender? I can press it back in, but it comes out after some time again. See pictures....
  9. CivicSi907

    PTU drain plug

    If the "transmission to PTU" seal is faulty, could the PTU be repaired or is the PTU damaged and not reuseable again? Or could it be reused after cleaning and changing all seals and refilling new oil, I think 75w-140, right?
  10. CivicSi907

    2007 AWD leaky PTU again....

    Hi guys.... happy 2019 at first. I have the known odor problem a long time.... now I found it by searching the forum and google, that a leaky PTU is the problem. I also have oil strains on my driveway. Is it risky to drive a leaky PTU? I don't have the money for getting it replaced. Do I have to look for enough fluid anywhere? Or what do I have to refill, if I dont want to repair it now? I mean, the car is 11 years old and has about 120k miles on it. It runs smooth without problems.... the only thing is the smell/odor after comming from the autobahn. Any suggestions?
  11. CivicSi907

    2007 AWD leaky PTU again....

    @WWWPerfA_ZN0W Can you show me of what to take pics? Where is PTU fluid leaking and where is trans-ptu leaking? Where is the Vent and how do I check it? Where is the Axle PTU? I am not a mechanic but good in work, so just need a little bit help to
  12. CivicSi907

    PTU drain plug

    What does the vent look like and where it is? Any pictures of it? If its one of the three seals, I have to take out the PTU and replace the seals? Whats the part# for the seals? Can't find it on rockauto.com
  13. CivicSi907

    PTU drain plug

    Hi guys, I am from germany and drive an 2007 Edge AWD. My PTU is also leaking, but my englisch is not as good as it should be, so maybe I didn't understood everything right. Do just have to drill a drain plug into the PTU and change the oil frequently and it stops to leak? Does it also work if my PTU is already leaking?
  14. CivicSi907

    Part Number needed!

    Hi Guys, I am from germany and need a Part Numbers for my 2007 Edge SEL AWD. See picture for the Part I need. I need the seal for this Part. It is on the rear ging into the PTU. The Best would be a Link to Rockauto.com
  15. CivicSi907

    Part Number needed!

    Do you guys know the correct torque after changing the pinion seal? And what is the torque for the front axle
  16. CivicSi907


    What is this for? What Fluid?
  17. CivicSi907

    Part Number needed!

    Isn't IT Part Number 7 in the Diagram from your link?
  18. CivicSi907

    Part Number needed!

    Cant find the Part. Really need help. I think its One of the picture below...
  19. My driver side parking light (led strip) isn‘t lighting anymore. What can I do? I have the LED tail lights from drivebright for the 2007 Ford Edge.
  20. Please check your inbox. 

  21. Hi Guys, I just came back from holidays with mit Edge, and on the Autobahn these two warning lights came up sporadically. Sometimes it came up on bumps, then it goes out on the next bump, then it came up when I went down the hill or when I accelerated.... really very. Sometimes it was on for 10 minutes, then nothing was lighting up for 2 hours... What could be the problem? Brake Fluid is full. I have noticed one tire had less pressure, but nothing changed after I filled it up again.