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  1. I have the Samsung Convoy 2, from Verizon. Text messaging works fine.
  2. Did you have the bulbs capped, otherwise there is light leaking out of the front of your lights.
  3. I think you mean loosen the brake shoes. But if the rotor is turning then the brake shoes aren't the problem at this point. I'm with "akirby" get a big BFH
  4. and here it is.......tuxedo black with charcoal black interior, Limited
  5. they'll be posted soon. waiting for a daylight shot
  6. Picked it up Nov.17, you are oh so right, what a nice vehicle. Now to learn all the features of Sync, Navigation and the audio system. Ron G.
  7. From what i gather a glove box light isn't a big deal , using the interior overhead lighting will be more than sufficient , I just thought a light in the glove box would be a nice thing to have. Not to stir of any more arguments but does anyone know if the MKX has a glove box light ? I'm just looking for a factory installed look.
  8. doesn't sound hard at all if the need arises, thanks for the info,
  9. As a soon to be new Edge Limited owner, in 6-8 weeks, the one thing I forgot to check is if the glove box has a light in it, the description of the ambient lighting say all storage areas, just wondering if that might mean the glove box too ? Is it an easy retrofit if it doesn't ?
  10. Just had to order new 2010 Edge Limited, now I'm waiting the 6-8 weeks for delivery , had to order to get it without a Vista Roof but with Nav system and power lift gate, so got the remote starting while I was at it, counting the days.
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