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  1. flyerjmr33

    2008 Edge Impressions

    2008 with 68000. no problems
  2. flyerjmr33

    AC smell

    Remove the filter, put system on high blower and recirculate. Spray Lysol directly into the area where the filter goes. -- when you put itall back together the smell will be gone and stay gone if you make sure the drain is open. Do not lock the system in "recirculaate" let it run on outside air.
  3. flyerjmr33

    Wicked shudder under acceleration

    Mine would do that on occasion--- a fluid check showed it to be a little low. I added about a quart and have had no more problems for the past 3 months----
  4. flyerjmr33

    64000 Miles On OE Tires

    I don't remember the wheel size on the Sienna, but it was an XLE. The Michelins were installed at 25000 miles because the OE tires(also Michelin) were way too noisey. I sold the vehicle at 78,000 and the Michelin Rain Tires still had 5/32 of rubber left.
  5. flyerjmr33

    64000 Miles On OE Tires

    Your Ford dealer IS a Pirelli sales outlet and should handle the warranty. The tread life on the Pirellis is great when they are rotated at 5-7000 mile intervals and the alignment of the vehicle is within specs. I was a little concerned about how long the Pirellis on my Edge would last, but after my experience, I simply bought another set. The new ones are smooth and more quiet. Discount tire was my choice of tire dealers--- there was a $70 rebate from Pirelli and a $30 rebate from DT and using their Credit Card, they give you 6 months to pay it off with no interest. I love that part--using their money for a while.
  6. flyerjmr33

    64000 Miles On OE Tires

    The OE tires on my Sienna XLE were so noisey at 25K miles that I put on the Michelins. I don't remember the wheel size on the Sienna, but I was amazed at how far the Michelins went. I sold the van at 78K miles because the seating was uncomfortable to me. Arm rests way too low on the door and the ones on the captains seats were way too narrow. There was about 5/32" of tread left when I sold it.
  7. flyerjmr33

    64000 Miles On OE Tires

    I should have shipped you my old Pirellis--- There was little tread left, but no dry rot or cracks. They were manufactured in November of 07. As far as heat goes, there is not much that will outdo what we have here in Houston. Heat and lots of road hazzards from buckling pavement caused by the heat. Sorry to hear about the problem you are having. If you don't mind the cost,which is almost double of the Pirellis, Michelin makes a 20" tire in that size and the wear rating is slightly higher than the Pirelli.
  8. The local "mop & slop" does a great wash job and the clear coat gets the best attention by staying in my garage. Almost 6 years old and looks shiney and bright! When I get ready to trade or sell, I'll spend $150 and get it detailed. I gave up waxing cars many years ago--- unless you have nothin better to do with your time, wax away!
  9. flyerjmr33

    64000 Miles On OE Tires

    Used to be that way, but tires have gotten better in the past few years. The OE tires on my Edge with 20" wheels had a tread life guarantee of 65,000 miles--- They could have made it--only another thousand, but it was more convenient to simply change them while I was at the tire dealer. http://www.tirerack.com/tires/tires.jsp?tireMake=Pirelli&tireModel=Scorpion+STR&sidewall=Blackwall&partnum=45HR0SCORSTRV2&tab=Specs I had a set of Michelin rain tires on my old 2004 Toyota Sienna that had over 50,000 miles on them when I finally sold the van--- 25,000 miles used to be a good number back in the days when tires cost $25 each---
  10. flyerjmr33

    64000 Miles On OE Tires

    5-7000 miles. Air pressure is checked monthly and set at 36 PSI
  11. flyerjmr33

    64000 Miles On OE Tires

    Actually, it was the same guy who told me to drive it till the oil light came on, then change the oil!
  12. flyerjmr33

    64000 Miles On OE Tires

    Driving on Houston TX wrecked roads---and they weren't quite worn down to the wear indicators. Still had a few thousand miles left in them, but got a "LOW PRESSURE" warning lite driving at 75 down the freeway and instead of having that left rear tire fixed, I decided to replace them. I had planned on doing it at the end of this month anyway, so I was only a couple of weeks off my schedule. Someone told me I should drive them till I could see the air-----
  13. flyerjmr33

    64000 Miles On OE Tires

    Likes--- Wear, Ride, and quietness--- they roll smooth--never required balancing after the first time, Dislikes-- None that I can think of-- these are 245/50/20 --- I actually didn't want 20" wheels when I bought the Edge, but, I gotta say that they have done very well for me so far and hopefully, the new tires, which are quieter than the originals will do as well if I last another 6 years!
  14. flyerjmr33

    64000 Miles On OE Tires

    Today, I finally replaced the OE tires on my 08 Edge Ltd. The original Pirellis finally wore down enough to warrant replacement at 64000 miles. I have been driving since 1948 and never had a set of tires wear as well as these-- The replacements are Pirellis---
  15. flyerjmr33

    Porcelan Carburetor