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    1000 off new edge

    I too am a retired blue oval guy. Although, my exit was only due to the major downturn in the business I was the New Car Manager, and Used Car Manager for a Top 50 Ford Store, 3 Time President's Award Winner, with the store only being 7yrs old. Sometimes I may sound negative, but I am only trying to help others on here from being misled.
  2. PCM

    Just placed my order...

    Ehhhh, it has decent power, but coming from the V8 S4 he is probably not going to be impressed. Yes the Edge has some pep for its size, but it is still a heavy CUV with a V6.
  3. PCM

    1000 off new edge

    Your sales Rep can't get anything processed that is not available. The process is very simple: When your car arrives, you will get the incentive that is available at that time. The dealer reporting the sale to Ford has to lock in the Rebate program number with program headquarters that is on the VINCENT form for the vin/zip code/type of purchase.
  4. PCM

    1000 off new edge

    I agree, something does not seem right. They could be ordering this for him, and then when the car arrives require a pin # to honor that price.? Does not seem like a dealer would openly order a car to lose money on the transaction.
  5. PCM

    Chrome clad wheels and runnig boards

    Out of curiosity, why would you want running boards on the Edge? If you didn't like the 20" clad wheels, why did you buy it with them?
  6. FMCC will not negotiate the Lease End Purchase Price as it is a predetermined number on your contract. The dealer can't negotiate the price as they do not own it. FMCC is the owner of the vehicle, and once turned in, the selling dealer has a period of time to purchase from FMCC. If the vehicle is not purchased by the original selling dealer, it is sent to the Auction.
  7. PCM

    Great Lease Program

    You should get a quote now. Besides this program, there is also RCL Lease Cash of an additional $1250 for returning lease customers. If I was a Lease to Lease customer, I would have had $4750 in Rebate on my current lease. That is a very large Rebate amount for a current/new model. Keep in mind rebates are regional and vary, but this was my case in FL. Dealers are being very agressive on the discout side, plus all of the incentives make it very attractive.
  8. Ford released a 27mo lease program on Edge. $3500 rebate and a lease factor of .5! I am picking one up today $1500 down, 15k miles, $463 including tax on a 32k SEL. Buying on Xplan.
  9. PCM

    Great Lease Program

    They have been running 39mo lease programs on these vehicles for months now (I priced all summer), and the new program is the 27mo. Suprised that your Ford Exec's did not mention this to you. :shades: Compare the two programs if anyone is considering. The new 27mo program beat the previous 39mo quote by $30/mo that I had received in August. I would think that everyone knows that down payments negotiable Even if they did, FMCC is not a big fan of anything longer than 39mo's.
  10. PCM

    Great Lease Program

    Agreed, and don't lease for any term longer than 36mo.
  11. PCM

    Great Lease Program

    True in what you say, but 80% of the people out there trade before paying off. I really don't see the benefit of paying a vehicle for 5-6yrs with payments totalling $34-36K to have a vehicle worth $10k, no warranty, and now way behind in technology. Most people do not desire a lease because they have been burned in one prior. Many dealers love to slam someone in a 48-60mo lease because it meets their desired payments, and I think that is what most are referring to as a waste of money (and I agree). But when I can drive something for less than it would cost monthly to own, not worry about being negative in 2 yrs, and have plenty of options in 2yrs, then I would say that leasing works for me. I have seen too many people angry at being negative making almost 36 payments at 0%, because the current model has very hefty rebates, or a change in body has depreciated the model further.
  12. PCM

    Great Lease Program

    Really, because the purchase payment would have been 50-80/mo higher and most likely would not be able to get out of it in 2yrs. Thanks for the input, but I was a manager for Ford for years and I am a firm believer in the short term lease. Using your theory of nothing to show for it..... The 27mo residual is 50%, and I don't think you would have anything to show for it if you were buying after 24-36mo. I like something new every 2-3 yrs and this is the best way to protect myself.
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    Here is my 04' Competition Orange Cobra