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  1. can you find this code with a pepboys or autozone scanner or what type does it need to be to access the "headlight test"? I ask as my passenger side low beam is not working...tested ground and positive side shows no power?
  2. daveknapp2000

    Transmission Shutters at 1500 rpm

    Had this similar issue and 1st time Tcm was replaced by dealer, 2nd time torque converter was replaced along with new fluid. Having the codes pulled made the difference and pointed at tcm vs no codes on torque converter and an engine stall test would help to confirm torque converter issues. 1 check codes, if no codes then stall test to perform to see if u confirm torque converter has fault, if nothing then change fluid as 1st step, change torque converter might be 2nd step that cost more money for parts and time as you have to pull transmission and change like changing a dry clutch etc. you might also check your engine mounts first as if they are eroded/disintegrated that can cause the rev/rpm change also. all from experience.... others have mentioned sensors which is true but you check those w codes or via scan tool making sure readings are accurate in input and output shaft readings etc. and may show faults when looking at live data vs fault codes as has to reach certain numbers of faults to throw codes.... tcm failure 40k miles, torque converter about 80k and no towing TCI builds quality aftermarket torque converters
  3. daveknapp2000

    Valve cover removal tips and tricks

    I have all the bolts out and wiring but seems difficult to pull the valve covers off? Any tips or tricks out there. Do you have to worry about the cvt(camshaft variable timing) valve a little more? I have tripled checked all screws removed and nothing in the way. Need some help w this one.
  4. daveknapp2000

    Bad water pump

    What were the tricks if any to get the valve covers off. I have loosened all bolts, wiring, gas lines etc but valve covers seem difficult to come off...
  5. daveknapp2000

    Water pump/over heating

    I did call the ford dealer today jan 1 2014 and they confirmed that a leaking internal waterpump on these engines(3.5L v6/duratec 35) can leak coolant into the water...seems like a design flaw that should be recalled....
  6. daveknapp2000

    Water pump/over heating

    I have read this and was wondering how to check the water pump internal leak into the oil/crankcase vs the head gasket blown?
  7. daveknapp2000

    Head gasket repair 2007 ford edge 3.5L duratec 35 engine

    Should I replace both head gaskets or just the one that blew with 150K miles. I was thinking both since I am already there. How long should this repair take for planning purpose? I was thinking an entire weekend should do it.
  8. Hello, was wondering what parts should be replaced with the head gasket that makes since? Head gasket and thermostat make since to me and perhaps serpentine belt. what about water pump and others? 2007 ford edge with 150K miles on it. When should I plan to rebuild the engine...300K?
  9. daveknapp2000

    ac parts

    I had to replace the ac condensor due to a rock cracking it. Was wondering where the ac dryer is located on the edge in order to replace.
  10. daveknapp2000

    Edge A/c system

    so changed the ac condensor as a rock hit it and cracked one of the veins and the freon came out. replaced part and evacuated/vacuumed the system out. looking to find what type and how much oil I should place into the system for the 2007 ford edge.
  11. daveknapp2000

    Edge A/c system

    thanks-but I will do the repair myself-thus still looking for how much oil to add to the system?
  12. daveknapp2000

    Big Bang Theory!

    I have had the same problem with the 2007 edge. The car wouldn't drive at 43K and the dealer replaced the entire tcm. ( Note that they said they had alot in stock-which seemed weird since this was a brand new car on the road less than 6 months in june of 2008.
  13. daveknapp2000

    Edge A/c system

    I have the specs of 19oz of freon for the edge ac-but how much if any add'l pag lubricant does the system need other than what comes with the r134a recharge cans.
  14. daveknapp2000

    Transmission woes on an '07 Edge

    what is te ptu? Did your dealer replace that and fix the problem. I have the same issue but with the shifting from first to second gear only.
  15. daveknapp2000

    2007 Edge Transmision failure?

    so, after the 35K transmission skipping and ending in not working with the yellow wrench not working...and tcm board for transmission replaced. Now at approx the same mileage later (70K miles now) the transmission seems to be starting down the same pathway as before with the "skipping" or slamming into gear from 1st to 2nd gear...(approx 10 mph)anyone else having the same problem and what was the fix? Took to the dealer for warranty repair but they said the could find nothing wrong. Wondering if that is true since dealers don't make much on warranty work.