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    Well, he does keep a "small one" resting on the steering column.
  2. Good_Hands


    Riiiiiiiiiiiiiight....I bet you watch porn.
  3. Good_Hands


    Damn. Wish I said that.
  4. Good_Hands


    How about a couple of inexpensive portable DVD players and the carrying cases that hang over the seat?
  5. Depending on what is used to do the "wipe" - it could be much better. :hyper:
  6. Good_Hands

    Speedometer Faceplate Change

    You only want Kmh displayed? There is always white-out?
  7. Good_Hands

    I just picked up my Edge

    Excellent choice of wheels. Post some pics.
  8. Good_Hands

    Driver Seat hurt your back?

    This Thread Is Worthless WithOut Pics.
  9. You live in the 949? I lived there from 73 - 81.
  10. Good_Hands

    Dolphins Hold Patriots Scoreless.....

    ...in the second-half. AND Clinches First Round Draft Pick!!!!! Go Fish!!!!!!!!!!
  11. I would actually welcome a courtesy wipe to get that last, lingering drip.
  12. Good_Hands

    Need some Advice on Tires Pressure

    Sheesh...It's called a sense of humor. Get one. You have a very strange situation and we are trying to give you suggestions. I agree with akirby; to have all four tires with a small leak in each one of them is very unlikely. If you don't like what any of us have to say, then figure something else out. After all, you are the one who doesn't think he should check his tire pressure because he has the TPMS. "What good would checking them myself do if I don't have nitrogen to fill them back up(?) I'd still have to go to the tire shop." Using that same logic, why check the oil or radiator level; you just have to get them filled up too. You could always develop an Excel spreadsheet. Test each tire three times every three hours. Make a column showing each tire, the tire pressure and the time you checked it.
  13. Good_Hands

    MKX and Good Hands

    Thanks boo! You have no idea...pretty sad when there is so much going on that the only way to get some peace and quiet is to go to work.
  14. Good_Hands

    MKX and Good Hands

    I vaguely remember something about the wires hanging down. I checked mine and don't have the same problem. I guess you can stick it back up in there but...I think I would probably mention it to the dealer the next time I was there. Does this answer your questions? If not, pm or post again. Tks!