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I recently had to replace the battery in my 2011 Ford Edge Limited. I was stranded and did not use a Ford dealeship to replace the battery. Since replacing it a warning light "Service Advance Trac" keeps coming on and staying on. I followed instructions from the manual to try to fix the problem, but it stays in the off position and will not go back into the on position. Any suggestions as to what is going on and how it can be fixed?

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I guess it could just be a coincident that something actually did go wrong at the same time as the bad battery, and is setting the warning. Drive to an auto parts store (Advance, Pep Boys, etc that are in your area) and have them check for any codes that may be set. Most stores will do this for free but California state laws don't allow them to do it.


I guess you could also try to eliminate the problem by disconnecting the negative battery cable for several minutes and see if that clears the warning.

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