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  1. I called a nearby ford dealer and was told that, it the seal was improperly repaired at the first dealer, my local dealer wold have to charge me for its repair, since it was not one of "their" technicians who did the original work. Actually I believe the dealership that told you they would or could not cover it IF the new leak was caused by improper repair at the first dealer, they are correct. Yes, a dealer gets paid for warranty work but is not going to be on the hook to pay their mechanic to fix some other dealers mistake. This is exactly what you said the second dealer told you. It is not a matter of your warranty not being honored nationwide, but a matter of a shoddy or improper repair not being covered by a different dealer. I would definitely go back to the first dealer and let them handle it. How long ago was the repair, what was done, and how many miles since then? How many miles on the car now?
  2. ls973800

    Ford Service Manual On DVD 2012-2013 or 2010-2011

    The 2012-2013 DVD disc has been sold. I still have a 2010-2011 disc for sale.
  3. ls973800

    Ford Service Manual On DVD 2012-2013 or 2010-2011

    Yes, I still have the DVD disc for the 2012-2013 model Edge and MKX with the date of July, 2013. Shipping to the lower 48 states will be included in the price of $50.00. I will accept a PayPal payment. Thanks, Steve
  4. I leased my 2015 Ford C-Max Energi in April of last year. About 2 or 3 weeks later I noticed a long crack on the Pano-roof, starting in one corner on the driver's front side. Took it to the dealer and they inspected it for any impacts but saw nothing. They submitted pictures to Ford, and about two days later ordered a new roof under warranty. My car had about 250 miles when the crack appeared, and the new roof was installed flawlessly! I have around 6000 miles now and no problems. Ford and the Ford dealership (Classic Ford Mentor, Oh) handled the repair very professionally and in a timely manner. I was also given a loaner while mine was worked on for the 2 days it took.
  5. ls973800

    Ford Service Manual On DVD 2012-2013 or 2010-2011

    Still have the Ford service manual DVD discs if anyone is interested. I'll be posting them on other sites next week if I don't sell them here.
  6. ls973800

    Ford Service Manual On DVD 2012-2013 or 2010-2011

    I haven't been following the forum much because I traded in my Edge and got a Ford C-Max Energi! I am actually in the middle of moving from the condo we leased into a house we bought. However, between moving boxes from storage into the new house, and boxes from the condo into the new house, I HAVE found the DVD's and have them put aside. I have 2010-2011, 2012-2013, and a 2014. The price is still $50.00 each and will include free shipping to the lower 48 states. PayPal is my preferred method of payment. My cable and Internet are being disconnected at the condo tomorrow morning, and hopefully will be turned back on at the house by Saturday afternoon. If interested, please let me know and I will do whatever I can to accommodate you. Thanks
  7. ls973800

    E85 Flex Fuel Conversion Kit

    Since one of the sites I found trying to say how good ethanol is used a study from 1996, here is a link showing how much water has to be used to produce the ethanol. Yep, kick the political football out of the stadium and lets get back to burning just gasoline, no ethanol! JMHO! http://www.technologyreview.com/news/413002/measuring-corn-ethanols-thirst-for-water/
  8. ls973800

    Oil low?

    Most of the time it is an indication of a bad oil pressure sensor. Have you checked your oil level to make sure it is at the correct level? That should be your very first step!
  9. ls973800

    4 New Ford TPMS Sensors and Ford Wheel Lock Kit

    Thank you! I would rather try and help other forum members first before posting anything on eBay or Craigslist.
  10. ls973800

    BCM reset with new battery

    It is truly amazing what lengths car manufacturers take to try and increase the fuel mileage. On my Chevrolet Traverse the alternator varies from 11 volts to just over 14 volts. It is some type of special programming to prevent the alternator from always being under load. It monitors your present driving and the state of the battery, and determines when to charge it and when not to. Somehow this helps with MPG. How it really helps, I don't understand. Heck, the alternator is spinning anyhow with the serpentine belt all the time. Maybe it's similar to the A/C compressor free spinning when the A/C isn't on?
  11. ls973800

    What other car(s) do you own?

    Just leased a 2015 Ford C-Max Energi. It is a plug in hybrid that has a range of 20+ miles strictly on battery power. Using just the battery, I am just under 200 MPG! To recharge, I just plug it into a standard outlet in the garage, and it takes about 6 hours. Each charge costs around $1.10 in electric charges. The engine has only had to come on 3 times since I got it. All three times have been when I exceeded the range of the battery. Even then, I have just under 70 MPG because as the engine runs, it recharges the battery as does braking. This allows automatic switching between the engine and the battery for driving. Really impressed with this car and never in a hundred years did I think I would be driving a plug in vehicle. But with an $8000.00 rebate from Ford, and a fantastic price from the dealer off MSRP, I couldn't pass up the 24 month payments. It is FULLY loaded with a 303A package and a panoramic glass roof. Tuxedo Black with Ebony leather. Two items that I found reading the owner's manual is that the fuel tank is pressurized differently than regular cars. This allows fuel to remain for up to18 months before the engine will turn on to burn the fuel. The oil change interval is up to 2 years or 20000 miles! Again, there is a feature which will automatically turn on the engine to keep moisture from building up in the oil pan, and to lube the engine. This only occurs when driving habits keep the engine from running because only battery power has been used.
  12. ls973800

    4 New Ford TPMS Sensors and Ford Wheel Lock Kit

    The Wheel Lock Kit, Air Filter, and Cabin Filter have been sold! Still have the Illuminated Edge Sill Plates, 2013 Owner's Manual In Case, Oil, Vertical (Fog) Lights, and Service Manuals on DVD. I also found a Trailer Wire Extension that I purchased when I bought my Edge that had the factory tow package. This is brand new in the box and is 48 inches long. It is Hopkins #47115 and fits the four pin wire connector by the tow hitch.
  13. ls973800

    4 New Ford TPMS Sensors and Ford Wheel Lock Kit

    I am about 30 miles east of Cleveland along the lake shore, having recently moved from Texas. Here is a list of what I have, all of which could be picked up in person, or some of which can be shipped. The illuminated sill plates could be shipped to an area of NJ for as little as $20.00 and other items could be shipped in the same box for no additional shipping costs. It all depends on the location shipped to. I can not ship the motor oil at this time. Pay Pal for any on line sales, cash for in person pick ups. Ford Wheel Lock Kit 7T4Z-1A043-A $25.00 includes shipping to the lower 48 states Motorcraft Air Filter FA-1884 $7.00 plus shipping ATP Carbon Cabin Air Filter FA-14 $7.00 plus shipping Ford Edge 2011-2014 Illuminated Floor Sills BT43-78132A08-AA New in Box- Black in color $125.00 plus shipping (starting at $20.00) depending on location shipped to. 2 Front Vertical Light Bars removed from my 2013 Edge for installation of DTBL DRL's Used- $25.00 includes shipping to the lower 48 states 2- 5 quart jugs of Penzoil Platinum 5W20 full synthetic motor oil $12.50 each 12 quarts (one case) of Acura 5W20 synthetic blend motor oil $25.00 Ford DVD Service Information Manuals $35.00 each plus $5.00 shipping. Another member may be interested in one of the DVD's and I will know soon if he is buying it or not 2010-2011 2012-2013 (I have two of these)
  14. I belong to the C-Max forum now that I have traded in the Edge but just read this. Some one posted how nice the parking feature is on their C-Max, but wished it would "un-park" itself also. Here is the copy of an answer by another member. Ford heard you. Park-Out Assist is available in the 2015 Edge and 2016 Explorer and will be coming to other vehicles soon. I've tried it out on the Edge and it essentially manuvers you to the point you can pull out, starts to pull you out, then releases manual control back to you and monitors the vehicle perimeter as you are pulling out in to traffic. A graphic representation actually appears in the center of the MFT screen showing the sensor perimeter and how close you are to any object or vehicle. WOW!
  15. ls973800

    4 New Ford TPMS Sensors and Ford Wheel Lock Kit

    TPMS Sensors are SOLD! Still have the wheel lock kit and the illuminated door sills. Steve