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high oil consumption


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Very concerned,  here on week 3 of owning my 2012 ecoboost edge, purchased with 8500 miles on it from big GM car lot, had fresh oil change, and I see the  oil is down to add mark after just 450 miles, I know it was full when I bought it, and last week i saw it at 3/4 down. So its off to the Ford dealer to see what they have to say. Quite a damper on my enthusiasm over purchase of the most expensive car i have ever bought., by 2x. 

I have  a friend that has been fighting high oil consumption on Tahoe, a fully documented tech bulliten on the issue and dealer is fighting, saying  usage is with in limits, just wont do the right thing,


No drips, but that big shield, might be hiding something. I am afraid dealer will put me thru hoops of proving the consumption, several trips in for them to check it themselves.   


Just posting to see if anyone else has had issue and see if anyone has advise.

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Okay,  I have a new theory, I just remebered, that  during the sales process I was shown what service was done to the Edge, namely the oil changed, and I saw they added Zmax.   I looked on the web and found it is normal for the Zmax to disapear (absorbed, evaportaed, whatever),  and is normal to see levle on dip stick drop first few hundred miles.  So seeing 12 ounce drop on the dip stick is 3/4 quart.  I though i was down a full quart, but will adimit I might not have been that accurate.


May update

Oil level remained same for last few hundred miles, so feeling good it it was just Zmax disappearing, SO I topped it off and feel good all is well.

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