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  1. robertlane

    How to solve the Ukrainian crisis

    Some of my family also comes from Prussia (East Prussia). Two of my uncles were in the Waffen SS and fought on the eastern front for most of the war. I think Bismarck had it right - be friends with Russia.
  2. robertlane

    Member's details not shown anymore?

    We turned those two feature requests on. As for the dark theme, I totally agree and I am note sure why after of these years it's not part of the software! Very frustrating.
  3. robertlane

    Ford Edge Forum: WHAT HAPPENED?

    Little by little, the images are all appearing back again !
  4. robertlane

    Ford Edge Forum: WHAT HAPPENED?

    Thanks, all. I feel bad and angry at the same time. Nothing some Seals Bermuda Black Rum won't cure though 😜 The images / photos are uploading (again), so give it some time and we'll be back to normal - except faster.
  5. Ford Edge Forum: WHAT HAPPENED? These few days have been a huge battle - we simply wanted to move this forum to a dedicated server this past Sunday - easy enough. Except, the assignment of the domain to the server got stuck in the process and it took the hosting company until today to get it to assign properly. Since then, I've been getting everything back to the way it was - no data loss just A LOT OF frustration here! Some images are missing, however, they will reappear as the uploading process completes. The good news is that we're on a new, dedicated server with a lot more speed and we can upgrade better. SO VERY SORRY for the downtime - my blood pressure is slowing coming down now 🐍
  6. robertlane

    Tuning Main Folder

    I suppose the question is: Do we do one main forum just for tunes or one for each engine?
  7. robertlane

    Tuning Main Folder

    Sorry - back from a trip. YES, we will add that forum. . .great idea! ?
  8. robertlane

    What happened to the site?

    That's what I was thinking. Speed tests shows it's slightly faster here too. Although, it may not be able to handle the traffic - that's the only reason for moving it. We'll see.
  9. robertlane

    What happened to the site?

    The server was upgraded to a new version of Apache. EVERY site, except this one worked flawlessly. I put a help ticket in and it lingered in the support que - I think it was missed - I called and they said it would be another 24-48 hours ?. Rather than continue waiting in purgatory, I moved it to a different server until issues could be fixed on the other one. Here's where we are at now.
  10. robertlane

    Ford Edge RS

    Rumors have been ripe for a few months now about the appearance of a future Ford Edge RS. Does it seem probable or likely? Yes. Now that Ford is drifting into the crossover market heavily, it's extremely likely that we will seen an Edge RS. According to people in Dearborn, and Edge RS may not happen until the next redesign. Thoughts on an Edge RS?
  11. robertlane

    First Test: Edge ST

    Ford has been working to address some software issues. The car that the mags. tested was a pre-production, however it should have been 100% ready to display its performance attributes.
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    Ford Edge ST Facebook Page

    Really - I was totally surprised that they attached the sport moniker to the Edge and not the ST. Same with the Fusion Sport.
  15. robertlane

    Ford Edge ST Facebook Page

    Ford Edge ST Facebook Page Join us here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/FordEdgeSTForum/