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Install seat heaters

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My 2007 has leather seats but no seat heaters. The car spent all of it's life in Arizona. I'm in Connecticut and would really like to install a set of aftermarket heaters that I bought to fix my wife's Jeep and never used. How difficult is it to remove the upholstery and install the bottom and seat back pads? I'm worried about the side airbag.

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Haven't done it on the Edge as ours came with heaters and so far they are functioning fine. But I did replace the heater in my Audi. Much easier than I expected, but in my case everything was there. I ended up taking out the seat and bringing it in the house. Just sat down watching TV as I too the seat apart. I think they suggested hog ring pliers and new rings but I was able to reuse everything and I think I just used regular pliers. I am sure the special tool would make your life easier though. I wouldn't really worry about the airbags as much as I would worry about the wiring and making sure you route it in a way it doesn't get pinched when changing the angle or fore/aft positioning.

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