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Of Spec-D and Head Lights I Sing...


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From what I can find, the only choice I have if I want to change the look of my head lights is to use Spec-D's.




As a stand-alone unit, how do they stand up? I understand that as projector style head lights, they might be lacking, but I'm looking at the DRL aspects of the halo and 'eyebrow'. Do they perform as well as stock with a H11? I saw in another thread that someone suggested using an H9 bulb to increase lumens. I'm not looking to go HID at the moment.


Being that I have a '07, there isn't a real good spot to put aftermarket DRLs, or at least I haven't found a LED setup that is small enough to look good. I thought about a bar going across the grill, but I have a feeling that would be overkill.

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