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replaced booster now Service Advance trac and pedal to floor

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I just had my brake booster replaced in my 2012 Ford edge SEL. I was ?? fortunate to get in on the extended warranty on brake booster

13N02 warranty.

we had discovered while doing a 2 man brake bleed after oil change. Pedal was spongy and then we started to hear a weird whiny buzz when pedal went to floor. So we saw a video on u tube on the 13N02 warranty on booster. Made an appt with dealer and left key in drop box with the drop box envelope that said to check the master as well. ( why not if you have to take it off ). Well the dealer did not call my cell number on the envelope and did the booster and said it may need a master. $900. They had put it back together. The booster was free but not diagnosed very well imho. The pedal was still spongy.

I said no thanks got my own Master at O'Reillys installed easy job..... 4 wheel bleed with DOT4 synthetic. Not any better. It has high pedal but then sometimes goes to floor. It was doing that when I picked it up. no better. I read some stuff on air in ABS module and how you need to activate the ABS via scan tool with that capability. I also saw some YouTube mechanic guy who says the he does the activation by stomping on brake while car is half in dirt and half on pavement. I did that - could feel the abs come on. Now I get a Service advance trac. setting. I power off and it goes away but pedal is still the same I would say 8 good pedals 1 softy 1 floor is the avg.

I teach at a Voke school and asked the 3 auto voke instructors and they looked at me funny about the abs activation even though we did pull up the data on this car and it has that as part of the procedure if the manual bleed does not work.

so... any one have any thoughts ? I was an auto parts man for 10 years also and I don't think just part swapping is the issue here. I would say the booster was bad. but now I think its just air in ABS but don't know or want to spend $$ with a bad dealer or an expensive scan tool.


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