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Cruise Control Will not engage

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I have searched the forums for cruise control issues and have done the following using the advice given to try and fix my problem.


Replace the Brake Sensor, Cruise Control Switch and Clock Spring.


The cruise will turn on for a while but will not engage, I cannot set speed etc, after a while the cruise will not turn on and the only way to get it back is to disconnect the battery to reset the logic in the modules.


I have since taken it to Ford and they have told me it will be $750 to diagnose and fix the problem as they say it is a wiring issue.


Does anyone have any ideas on where to start with this problem or wiring diagrams so I can have a look at it myself?


Any help would be appreciated, sorry if I have missed this is any other forum.


2013 Ford Edge, 3.5L V6 Limited

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