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YUMMY Creme Brulee


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I purchased...or someone purchased for me rather....a Creme Brulee SEL Plus AWD. I LOVE THIS VEHICLE!!! I have read many posts on the net condemning Ford for the Edge not being edgy enough...to which I say, for Ford, this vehicle is edgy and well made in my opinion. I have had random people ask me about the vehicle and comment on how beautiful it is. I have had people say, "That's a Ford?!?!" and I take this as a compliment for Ford. I have had people..men and women...stare at the vehicle at redlights and stop signs, even back up to see what make and model it was. Anyone else here got a creme brulee? Where are you located? Thanks and CONGRATULATIONS to all the new Edge owners...Living on the Edge... :hysterical:

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Congratulations on your new Edge SEL+ Crème Brulee! That’s great news about the response that people are giving you. We almost bought a Highlander 5 mos. ago but fortunately, my wife and I decided to wait and see what the Edge looked like. I’ve always have liked the looks of the Edge and it made the Highlander look so dated, it even makes the new ’08 look bland. I hope my Redfire Edge arrive around St Patrick’s Day :hyper:

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