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New owner - 2009 Edge Limited


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Just purchased a week ago - '09 Edge Limited FWD, Nav, 20's. This was a big change for me since my track record of cars has been high-end import sedans (2002 Infiniti Q45, 1998 Lexus GS400, 1995 Infiniti J30). But my wife, daughter, dog and I were in desperate need of an Suv so we did our research, test drove some different models, went to the STL car show and decided on the Edge. It also helped that my father-in-law works for Ford so we got his A-plan pricing. I've had it a week now and can honestly say I LOVE IT!!!


What drew us to the edge, other than feeling obligated to buy American, were the following:


- Vista roof...Love how much it opens up and almost like having a convertible. Didn't see anything like it in comparable models.

- 20's...they look so sharp and everyone I show the car to comments on them - "I love the rims!!!"

- Nav....we were on the fence about paying up for this but we're both techy and after seeing the '09 system and reading about it, we were hooked and had to get.

- Sync....still learning how to use with the voice commands but from what we've seen so far, it's pretty cool.



Looking forward to chatting and learning more on the forum!!

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