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I bought an Edge two weeks ago.


After months of looking and comparing, this Edge was my choice, I bought it and so far, WOW! Smooth, quiet, comfortable, good dash/ tech, and still looks better than all other SUVs (except for $80K Porsche).


It’s as good as every other car I’ve owned (except for the two Jags) BUT:


Let me test it for a year and see if I still love to get in it and drive every day.


$40,000 was my max so no high-end cars. Plus didn’t want to be driving a ‘big money’ car in bad times. Other vehicles tested before I chose the Ford (had to be able to tow, get reasonable mileage, look good, have ALL the tech stuff and be comfortable to drive on marathon trips):


• Jeep Cherokee Limited (couldn’t make a deal, too expensive, bad mileage)

• Nissan Xterra SE (almost bought another one, it is a great go-anywhere vehicle)

• Toyota Versa (towing no good, too expensive) (nicest of the cars I looked at)

• Subaru Tribeca (engine too small, towing no good)

• Mazda CX-7 and CX-9 (towing no good)


The Ford dealer made me a great deal, including trade-in allowance. Car was last year’s model and a demo. When I got up to walk out, ‘to go home and decide’, manager took another $2K off and upped trade-in allowance. I sat back down and signed his contract.


So far, so good. One major issue: the service dept is STILL the way it was at American dealers 20 years ago. They haven’t figured out how to do what we all want. And they still have employees who are ‘fast food’ quality. And they are not fully computerized!? Arrive for scheduled service, you’re not in the computer. Paper service orders! What? I made an appointment, and they can’t find me. Who did you make an appointment with?, is their question.


Finally, someone comes to help and they drive your car off to be fixed. Now, wait to get a loaner. Sit down, nobody comes over to keep you informed. Just like the old days, you have to get up after 30 mins of total boredom and start asking ‘where’s my loaner?’ When your name is called (who calls your name except cheap restaurants?), you don’t complain, you’re just happy you’re ahead of the other suckerz still ‘waiting’.


It’s fixed, go to pick it up. Here we go again! They’re late and don’t know you, and when they do find you and the car, you get in expecting a clean car at least on the inside - and there is grease on the driver armrest! And they didn’t quite get all the things done. And no car wash. And the same doofus employees. Aarrgh.


It is a trip back in time at the Ford service department. Japanese/ Swedish/ German service, YOU know what we want. I was totally spoiled for the last five cars. Oh well.

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Are you aware that the CX-9 tows 3500lbs like the EDGE? The CX-7 is rated at 2000lbs. Supporting Mazda supports Ford as well, Mazda builds the 6 alongside the Mustang. They also do a lot of joint venture developing together and sharing, Mazda makes Ford's 4 cyl engines and the 3.7L in the CX-9 is shared in the MKS but the CX-9's engine is built in Japan. Sucks about the dealer ships, they're all really poor from my experience.

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That's just your dealer. The one I go to is all computerized, set up appointments online, etc.. They write up your order, tell me approx how long, then they wash the car right before I pick it up. Can't expect much more from a non-luxery vehicle manufacture. Your Swedish and German makes are all high end low volume dealers, that is what you pay for.

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Edge is built in Oakville Canada and my Dealer is a 20 minute drive from there.


WhiteOak Ford has always been top notch in their service & sales. Hell, the saleman who sold me mine goes back in the shop to make sure I'm being looked after. When my PTO unit was being fixed for a leak, they gave me a LOANER ... a 2009 Focus which was not bad. All I did was add gas .... this dealer is great in my books!!!


Now ... I have owned a Land Rover (service was poor), Subaru, not bad service, Volvo's ... poor to not bad, GM ... ignored .... so my Ford Experiance is great!!!

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