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Replaced Stock Speakers

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Yesterday I installed four JBL p8652 6x8s. The difference was stunning. My radio is non nav with sync. I had to do something because the stockers were beginning to sound like they were torn at low volume. I also installed a factory sub woofer I bought on Ebay for $65.00 shipping included, I know it's not the best however, it bolted right up, the harness was already there and it was a simple matter of tapping into the rear channels to drive it. For the hookup I used a PAC line converter, an EDCOR stereo to mono converter, and a patch cable from Ebay. The line converter is adjustable, making it perfect to get the correct volume from the sub to match the rest of the system. The stereo to mono converter is a transformer type so there is no feedback or shorting like a Radio Shack stereo to mono cable generates.

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