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Focal System swap

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I am planning on getting an Edge this summer (either the 09 or the 10) and I want to know how much trouble it is to mount a sub in the same spot as the stock location ( I am not going to order the high end audio kit, waste of money IMHO), I know I will have to make my own custom enclosure and that won't be an issue. I have a full Focal system in my truck (11" Sub and Components front and rear) and I want to enjoy it in my Edge.


Also has anyone put more then 1 speaker in the door? I have a set of 5" subs (Focal) that I want to add to this build as there wasn't room in my current build to use them.





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there are several threads here on adding a sub in the same place sans custom enclosure and even a few that have built nice custom enclosures.


Also, I have not read of anyone adding more than 1 speaker into the door panels. people have added dash mounted or remote tweeters, but not more than 1 speaker in a door. see my gallery for some inner photos of the door panels to see what kind of room you are working with. If you are some kind of fabricator and do that kind of stuff, you might be able to do it. but no one here has to my knowledge.. though many of us have swapped everything from speakers to subs to head units.

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