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MKX factory ballast harness question


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I searched in the forums to try to find an answer....

I bought a pair of al/bosch ballasts on the 'bay but can't power them up. I went to a Ford dealer but they didn't have any answers. So I was hoping that someone on these boards might know. I am looking for a picture with the power and ground wire. I can't use the auto-level features. I retrofitted oem projectors but can't use them until I figure this out.

The outside case



The harness without the case on


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Pins 1-4 power the cable to the d1s bulb, Pins 5-32 two of those need power and ground. Or maybe four?? Four of the pins are bigger. On the other ballast ( which look identical except the more pins and the internals so I can't just try to trace them. Unfortunately those diagrams are not matching up to what I'm looking at. I'm afraid of applying power to the two other pins in fear that it will ruin them.

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