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I am going to buy a STATUS Pimp S404 22" rims and I would prefer 245-40-22 tires or even a little bit wider like 255 or 265.


The question is, what is the best tires that are comfortable, has long endurance and looks cool of course. I travel a lot, and that is why I don't tires that I should replace every 30,000 km. The last Michelin tires that I had for my stock 18” wheels were fine when I replaced them after 80,000 km of usage.


The most important thing to me is that I don't want the tires to be noisy. I need tires that are comfortable and quite.


I would appreciate your opinions. Thank.

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Thanks roblectric for the feedback.


CreamEDGE, you're right about 22" won't give me that much of a comfort. However, what I'm asking for is the best available tires that provides the best "possible" comfort.


One of my friends that has an EDGE has a 22" rims and his tires are very noisy. Little roughness I can accept, but noise. I just can't stand it.

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Wear is really a huge concern to me. Can you imagine that the temperature nowadays in my country is between 45 - 52 C... I will look for Nitto and see what types of tires they have and sizes...


Thank you...

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