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Pioneer AVH Install

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After installing my new headunit last weekend I decided to go back and pull everything out so I could take pictures and share with the forum.


Removing the center panel is a breeze... just grab the trim located right above the pocket storage on either side and gently lift up and out. Should pop right off




I used a metra wiring harness and crimp connectors to do all the wiring. Eventually I'll go back in and solder everything for a sturdier connection.

The only downside to this unit is all the accessories that don't come with it (ie. iPod cable, bluetooth adapter). You can find these on Amazon or ebay for pretty cheap though, so it wasn't too bad.




The bluetooth adapter plugs right into the back of the headunit, and I spliced the ground and power wires right in with the wiring harness.




The adapter comes with a mic, which I integrated into the center panel. Just popped out the left set of "buttons" that are not in use (I don't have the message center option) and drilled a hole for the mic to fit into. Looks almost like it belongs there!




I also made a relay bypass for the parking brake wire so that I wouldn't have to mess with it. It was pretty simple to make... Using a standard relay (bought at Radio Shack for $6) attach ground wires to pins 86 and 87, the remote wire from the Pioneer wiring harness (blue and white stripe) to pin 85, and the parking brake wire (light green) to pin 30. With these units you can't just ground the parking brake wire because it detects the constant ground. So the relay creates a "pulsed" ground simulating the parking brake being engaged and disengaged. Works perfectly!




The dvd slot is hidden behind the touchscreen, revealed when you hit the eject button, giving you a bigger screen than its predecessor (P3100DVD)


For iPod integration, the cable plugs into both a USB port and AUX in on the back of the unit, allowing for both audio and video from your iPod. I just ran the cable into the center shifter housing and dremeled a hole big enough for the dock connector to come through (underneath the removable rubber tray liner). May have been easier to run the cable all the way into the center console, but I had already done this mod for a previous iPod system.






Finally, I am still waiting on a PAC SWI-PS unit to arrive so that I can regain steering wheel controls... Should be doing that this week!

All in all, I'm pretty happy with the unit and the install, and doing it myself saved me some serious cash!





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Nice work!


Looks pro to me.


Can't you do it for me?



Some questions.

How is the bluethoot quality? Does anybody complain? Do they understand you correct and do you hear them allright?


What is the frequency interval of this unit? In Europe I need every decimal. US models use different channel spacing.





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I've had varying feedback on the bluetooth quality, so I can't really comment on that. I can hear everyone else just fine... As far as SYNC compatibility, I don't have SYNC equipped on my vehicle, but if you want this to work you'll need a SYNC retention harness, which can be pricey. For more information on the specs of the unit itself, check out Pioneer's site

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