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Sync TSB 2008-2009

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I was given a copy of a TSB for the Sync system in the 2008-2009's. It is regarding the sound quality of the microphone. I have always had trouble with mine where the person on the other end cannot hear me unless I turn the volume up to max and yell what I am saying, and I have never been able to use the voice recognition feature, the phone always calls someone else. The TSB says that the fix is installaing a new microphone next to the overhead console on the headliner. Makes sense, it would be a little closer. My understanding is that the microphone is currently in the rear view mirror area, and for those of us that are shorter, that is a good distance away from us.


Has anyone had this fix done and does it work? Is it worth asking to have it done? Thanks.

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I think it may work. On my 2010 the microphone is just left of the overhead console adn at the very edge of the sunvisor...don't have any issues whatsoever however the wife doesn't like it because when we are talking to firends on the phone they can never hear what she is saying from the passenger seat.

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