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need help with offset question


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We are going to be getting in our new edge, and I have a question that I haven't had luck with researching..hopefully someone here can help.


For the new 2011 Ford Edge, will newer Mustang wheels fit? They have the same bolt pattern, but I know the wheels from the Mustang I'd have access to are 19 inches and have a +50mm offset.


I know most Edge wheels offsets are +35 to +45...just wondering if anyone knows of any fitment issues when trying to use Mustang wheels, or if the +50mm offset will cause bearign damage eventually.


Anyone with any information on this...I'd really appreciate it!

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Higher offset should sit in father on the wheelwell. Definately not hurt wheelbearings. Better for them I guess. More the wheels sticks out puts more stress on the wheel bearings. Also, I am unsure on the hub diameter of the edge vs mustang. I would assume they would fit but not sure how they would look sitting farther under the fenders. I am sure sombody will chime in that would have the answers you are looking for.

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