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Trans Noise


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Has any one had any issues with Transmission whine noise while driving?


I have a 2010 Edge Limited that has developed a high pitch whine noise while driving at about 50mph,

the noise in only present under load (stepping on gas) and goes away when you let off the gas pedal

sounds like a ring and pinion noise, going in and out of overdrive does not affect the noise


I took it to the Dealership, they heard the noise (it's very obvious) and contacted Ford technical support,

they were advised to drive another vehicle to see if the same noise was present.

The Dealer told me other vehicle they drove make the same noise mine does so it is normal


The Dealer wants me to come and drive other vehicles with them, but just doing some research till then.

Any input will be appreciated



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Hi Roadkill,


Did you ever find out what was the problem with your Ford Edge? I have a 2008 Edge with very similiar or same problem. Developed at 35k miles for me.

I took it to the dealer and they and ford said everything is operating within specs. The noise isnt all that loud and has not gotten worse since I noticed it about 2 months ago.





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My 2010 Edge SE developed a similar problem at about 30K miles that increased over time. At 33K miles the Dealer evaluated the sound and performed an extensive rebuild of the output section of the trans documenting excessive and unusual wear patterns and metal build up on the scavenger magnet. Multiple mechanical parts were replaced.


As a result of the repair a secondary problem emerged as a random high pitch rotating metal on metal squealing at engine RPMs of about 1500, observed while driving away after pickup of the car. I returned to the dealer and test drove the car with the Trans Technician demonstrating the condition. I was later able to record audio and video of the condition on my Ipad. I returned the car to the dealer along with the recordings. After several days of evaluation, the dealer declared that they were unable to duplicate the problem and therefor no further action was warranted or authorized. I opened a report with Ford Customer Service and pretty much got the same answer.


So far, no one has been able to explain or even offer a plausible theory as to the source of either noise and the potential implications as to the current safety an serviceability of my vehicle. Yes, the original noise is still present, just reduced in audible volume. The secondary noise has not repeated for the last 200 miles or so.


Does anyone have a similar experience and/or any ideas as to the source of these conditions? What can be done to ensure that the Trans is intact and safe for the road?



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