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2011 SEL / 1000 miles / 30 days


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2011 SEL, FWD, 202a, tow pkge … (replaced 2004 Accord EX)


After 1000 miles and 30 Days.. here are a few impressions on our Edge.


Mileage is about what we expected. average 25.5.. (20% town, 30% interstate,50% local highways with curves and hills).


The Ride is very quiet, much better than the Honda. Leather seats are comfortable and a good level of support. With the heat being very fast and hot, a bit too hot on high. The climate controls have operated well.


The middle headrest on the back seat does bother us when driving. It seems to block vision of small cars. Also the front door does have some design problems .. The assist handle being near the hinge makes it harder to control the door as you open and close it. Also the cup holder in the door does not really hold a cup well .. And the storage area on the front door is hard to get to anything in the back part.


The MFT/Sync has worked great .. no problems at all. it has the Gen 2 update. Also the Hazzard light location does not seem to be a problem with us..


For the exterior, the lights are much better than our Honda. The Security approach lamps really help in dark parking lots. The reverse sensing system and the camera is much nicer than i thought it would be. The sensers will pick up a 3 inch curb.



The FWD system has been fine with the small amount of snow and freezing rain that we have had.


Very happy with the Ford Dealership.. It is a small dealer in a rural area of Indiana and so far they have been great.

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2011 AWD MKX replaces a 2003 Murano

Our experience with only 350 miles and 4 days has been without any problems. The delivery experience was excellent. The salesman spent as much time as we needed on his day off (Christmas Eve) to reveiw with us the features/technology on the car and to set-up our cell phone and other basics. Our car has Gen 2 software and has been very stable. Some initial observations: The car feels much more substantial then the Murano but then it weighs about 400 lbs. more; It tracks better then the Murano on the highway, fewer minor wheel corrections needed; The THX sound system is outstanding, much better then the BOSE Murano; There should be a detent in the gear selector between drive and manual - it's too easy to shift into manual; I agree with others regarding the ergonomics of the front doors; The flip down device for the rear seats does not work if the car is on a slight upward incline.


So far we are very pleased with our purchase. I have wanted to buy a North American product for many years and it seems this car finally meets foreign competition in build quality, performance, and materials while beating the competition in technology. Safe, solid, quiet, comfortable, and enjoyable to drive. A good car!

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