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2009 Ford Edge SEL AWD @ 50000 kms (31.6K miles)


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Bought: April 2009, Calgary Alberta. Transferred to Toronto Ontario, driving/trailering overland showing 7500Km on the odo at start of trip.


Now 50K km's, about 40Km's highway, with 4500 KM's trailered,


Vehicle: Edge SEL AWD, winter and towing package, pana roof, chrome 17's and SYNC


Maintenance: every 5000 Km's (3150miles) serviced


Driving Style: Easy on the vehicle, like to let the engine do the work as opposed to forcing it. Do not take corners hard.


Issues under Warranty:

1./ Power Take Off unit..... first noticed the burning oil smell during and following the trailered drive from Calgary. 2500lbs total pulled load. Some hard slogging up and down big hills after Thunder Bay. Replaced O

ring... which didn't work. Replaced entire Power Take Off Unit... which didn't work. Replaced scored rear axles (2).. a perfect remedy and now have not had a recurrance in 5000 km's. Don't expect to.

2./ Pana roof creaks a lot in the cold. No remedy advertised.

3./ Transmission flares 2nd to 3rd, 3rd to 4th. Annoying. Had it serviced, quirk re-appeared.

4./ The odd bit of gear searching on light acceleration, which can be disconcerting to say the least. Had it serviced, to no effect.

5./ Complete rebuild of rear suspension, right donw to control arms etc. They asked if I was bushwhacking the thing. They also confided the suspension is right off a farking Escape.

6./ Front suspension is nearing rebuild time.



1./ engine and drive train are sluggish when coddled. Can make the vehicle go when required, but at the expense of huge amounts of fuel.

2./ interior finish and all that hard plastic.

3./ poor a-pillar low visibility, especially for short people. This has been done to give the Edge that famous 'look' from the front quarter.

4./ rear storage space is compromised by the inclined rear hatch. A trade-off again for looks.

5./ A bit of a land yacht.



1./ Solid engine, never a whimper.

2./ 6-speed auto (a JV with GM) contributes to a great partnership with the former

3./ Seat for a 250 pound white guy are great. Heateds are a must..

4./ SYNC


Next buy: Ford Edge if they can clear up the issues above. Probably go to the sport so I can get better grop and response to/with the road. Also, the 3.7 V-6 that has been brought in from the Lincolns should do the trick. That hard plastic in the front... hmmmmm. Will look at the new Explorer also.


Feel free to comment etc.

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