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Will 17" steelies fit?

Jamie Stross

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I'm looking to get some winter rims and tires, and honestly, I like the look of the black steel rims just because people know that they are winter rims and your nice set of 22's arent getting chipped up by the rocks and sand in the winter instead of the smaller ford edge rims. So I'm wondering if the 17" ones will fit with brake caliper clearance and if the TPMS things will mount on to them? I really don't want to spend $1900 on a set of winter tires and rims so I'm looking at a cheap decent alternative, and the guy at canadian tire said " Sorry, we dont have winter tires in 265/40/R22" and i obviously dont want to get winter tires for my 22's but he said he wont even touch my vehicle because of the brake caliper clearance talking to me like im an idiot.

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