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My new Edge, finally arrived!


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Hello Everybody.


Just got my New Limited Edge 2011 last week here in the hot tarmac/sands of Dubai (quite pleasant here currently though).


I'm a new member of the Ford family and so far seems like I've made a good choice. The Limited model here comes with everything minus the satnav. So far Sync has behaved well and have also got a call from the dealer that an update is available. The touchscreen does seem a bit laggy but overall doesn't seem so bad once you have it all setup. It was a surprise to have music stream via BT from my iPhone. I opted for the dual sun/moon roof as the panoramic can get the car here pretty hot really fast, my kid loves it though so no complains.


In terms of the drive, flooring the car does cause the shifts to be a bit jittery. Shifting down seems to be handled much better but there is a definite lag when shifting up real fast. Its almost as though once you floor it, its debating "hm he just floored the pedal, should I give him the torque? mok, here you go!". As for economy, I'm getting 18.1 l/100 km so not too bad as I'm mostly a highway driver.


Overall the ride is pretty smooth. I have the 18" rims as I'm not really a flashy kinda guy, the 20" just seemed like overkill IMO although they do make the vehicle look pretty bad ass. The really important thing that it seems Ford have addressed seems to be the A/C. Considering the weather here, that was pretty important to me and all seems good.


Here's to road trips!



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