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Where's My Sirius, Seriously!


Did You Lose Sirius Channels ?  

  1. 1. Sirius Radio on two month old Edge died on Nav Fix?

    • I f you had a Nav repair, did you lose Sirius Radio after a Nav Repair??
    • Did Sirius Radio quit just a few months since purchase?
    • Have you told your dealer?
    • Have you told Sirius ?
    • Was the failure fixed?
  2. 2. When updating the Navigator:

    • Did you lose all your Destinations, phone connections?
    • Could the dealer fix this?
    • Has anyone told you about re-setting destinations?

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Lost Your Satellite Radio, prematurely?


Well I did! The dealer claims no responsibility, it just gets "wiped" when they "Fix" it!




The Sirius Radio went of the "air", and all I get are messages to "renew" after two months since purchase. The dealer upgraded my Nav System, and now I no longer get Sirius, all my destinations have been wiped!


Oh yes! an undocumented feature. Apparently, when you get to a destination, you can push the "Red Arrow", representing your car, and it creates the desired destination. You can add Destination Name, etc. later!





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