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First 72 hours


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First post and new owner of a 2011 AWD Limited with 302A pkg. I had been an admirer of the Edge design since it first came out. I also had read the CR report on the MyTouch and another article on poor braking. I'm a technology junky and wanted an LCD screen that would show IPOD music with album art, song title and artist.


Had the vehicle now for about 3 days. Lot's of positives and just a couple of negatives.


Transistioned from a Jeep Grand Cherokee and was thinking this Edge was about the same size. Wrong, a much wider fit in the garage. Not a bad thing, just a surprise.



Love the body style.

Engine power more than adequate

Brake performance seems fine

Love the Blind Spot warning and the adaptive cruise control

Glad they boosted the size of the exhaust tips

Power hatch is convenient.



My Touch a little confusing, a bit slow but not as bad as CR reports. Familiarity over time will resolve the confusion issue.

Headrest annoying but overcame by tilting the seat back at just the right angle. Now a non issue.

Here's one you probably haven't heard, the gas pedal seems too high. Foot angle seems uncomfortable. Wife noticed this too. Thinking Toyota problems with floor mats figured into this design? Haven't figured out how to overcome.

Cargo cover. Yikes, who should be credited for this cheap design? Can't put the seats down because of the band attachments to the headrest. Try removing it easily? Not a chance. I removed and have permanently put it away as useless.

For a $43,000 MSRP, the interior seems like a lot of hard plastic. Not untypical of a lot of other american cars in this class.


Overall we're tickled to own the car. I've owned other Ford's and the reliability has been high. Hopefully that remains true for this Edge.

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