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Cooling Problem


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Hi all,


I have Ford Edge 2007 SEL AWD. All of sudden I started to feel the cooling wasn't working well also when I turn on AC I smell some kind of gas smell inside. I'm wondering if it's some kind of coolant leak. Although I took the car to the shop and they did a quick checkup and said all pipes and external cooling system is find and now leak source was found.


However, now when I fell my car with the coolant, it stays only for 24 hours then AC starts to blow hot air.


I live in Saudi Arabia and the temp in summer goes to 50+C/122+F!


What could be the possible source of this issue?


Thanks for your assistance

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I purchased the same car last spring and I'm noticing a similar problem. I had a 96 chevy blazer with a similar smell and it was the heater core. Antifreeze was leaking to the point where the passenger side rug was damp. This initial year of manufacturing seems to have some heating and cooling issues. I'd get it checked because you don't want to breath in antifreeze or you can potentially doze off at the wheel.


Good luck.

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