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"New" 2007 Ford Edge Owner


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Hi Everyone! I've been shopping around for many, MANY months and just this past weekend I replaced my 2007 Pontiac G6 with a 2007 Ford SEL. I got a pretty good deal, it only has 23k miles on it! Any tips are of course welcome :-) I'm loving it and looking forward to adding my own personal touches to make it more me....


I'll be putting a good wax on it this weekend and buffing out what appear to be finger nail scratches from opening the door (previous owner must have had some long nails!) I've searched the internet for some sort of door handle guard inserts (chrome or otherwise) and haven't been able to find anything for an Edge. The scratches are pretty minor but the car is black so I want to have the exterior as flawless as I can....


Any suggestions on the door handles would be much appreciated!


Pics :-)

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Hi: I too recently acquired a 2007 SEL+ AWD model. It has 60,000 miles and has been perfect.


The only modifications we have made so far is to activate the Sirus Radio and improve the headlights.


I replaced the OEM bulbs with new lowbeam H9 bulbs in place of the low output H11's.

I replaced the 9006 highbeam bulb with HIR9011 (HIR1).


You would not believe what a huge improvement this made.


Soon I will be looking for replacement brake pads and shocks but for some reason the Edge has not attracted many venders to provide replacement parts.

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