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Are these SYNC issues? Or normal?

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I have 3 issues on MyFordTouch so far. I got the 2011 Edge 24 hours ago. Maybe someone knows what is going on.


#1. I logged into the SYNC site before i ever touched the system. I did see that it reported something about 3 updates , etc. I then downloaded an update to my USB, plugged into the car, updated and it said successful. I then brought my USB back in to my computer to "confirm the update" and that is where the trouble started. Whenever I try and get back to that updates info again, it always says error, cannot connect to my system or something. I then thought, oh, maybe i have to pair my phone for it to work. So I went out and paired my iphone, worked fine. Came back in. This site still doesnt show my updates screen and the "MANAGE SYNC" button above does not work. It says:



Our system is unable to retrieve your vehicle's information. Please try again later.


These steps will not work:


Next Step: Report your successful installation

Confirming installations allows us to inform you of new updates and enhancements specifically for your SYNC.

1. Log in to your SYNC account and select Update & Customize.


3. Insert your USB drive in the same USB port in which you downloaded the file.

4. Follow instructions on the screen to upload the confirmation files.


#2. I suppose there is no way to eliminate that 911 Assist visual reminder every time i turn on the car? do most people just leave it on anyway?


#3. The EQ treble/bass/mid does not show numbers changing when i move it from the middle. It should say +1, +2, -4, etc. The display just stays at "0" no matter how I adjust the EQ bar. This seems like a bug.


Anyone have any ideas on any of my issues?

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