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2017 Edge Sport Ford OEM Trailer Hitch Install

2017 Edge Sport Ford OEM Trailer Hitch Install
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The images are out of order, but hopefully it will help someone who is thinking about doing this job.  Its not hard, just time consuming.  The Ford kit includes some basic instructions just to get you going.  I have not installed the OEM wiring harness yet, it doesnt come with any instructions so I ordered the Ford wiring diagrams and am waiting for the big book to arrive.  Those wondering why I didnt just tap into the existing harnesses or buy the other after market kit, it is because Im worried about damaging the BCM.  On the Ford wiring harness  it warns not to let the current draw go above 4.2 amps.  My plan now is to use tap into the wires closer to the BCM and use relays.  Im probably just over reacting to the warning but I want to be sure I dont damage anything.    For those wondering why I went this route, since its way harder and double the cost, We are using this for a bike rack and I wanted to get the hitch higher up than the aftermarket hitches, and I really wanted the OEM look.


Also, By doubling up the sensor wires this still leave about a 10-12 inch section on the right of the hitch that will properly detect my foot. It works fine as long as I remember not to kick left.  At some point I will just order and install the split sensors.


Thanks to Sivici420 for posting the OEM part numbers and his pictures. If it wasnt for his clean looking install I would not have taken this on.


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Did you replace also the sensor?

if yes how difficult to replace only the sensor with the OEM hitch version? The dealer wants $1000 :)

on the photos here looks like just plug n play thing

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Are you talking about the foot to open sensor? No I didn’t replace it. I just folded both of them it in half, used zip ties to keep it folded, and reinstalled it. The only problem with doing what I did is it only works the right side now, meaning you have to kick to the right of the trailer hitch to open the rear hatch. What I am describing is in one of the pictures in the original post.


Now, You can replace it with the newer parts from Ford that have the sensors cut into two pieces to go around the hitch, but I didn’t know about the new style parts at the time I did this install.

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