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    Hitch for Sport

    Sivicsi420, How hard was it to wire the factory harness ? I am looking to do exactly what you did.
  2. TheTurboEdge

    Best floor mats for 2016 Edge?

    After doing the research, I just went with Husky for our Edge. Summit Racing had them on sale and were cheaper than Amazon. I have have the Weather Tech in my BMW and the edges started to roll inwards after only 6 months. The Husky mats feel thicker and are a bit more ridged so they should hold their form alot longer...but...only time will tell.
  3. TheTurboEdge

    Tire suggestion 2019 Edge

    We just picked up a 2017 CPO Sport. It came with the 21 inch factory wheels and almost new Uniroyal Tiger Paw Touring AS tires. The tires are fairly quiet, ride nice (for being on 21's), are responsive, all season rated, and are available in your size for 19 inch wheels. They are rated for 65k miles in the "V" rated and the "H" rated are allegedly good for 75k miles. https://www.uniroyaltires.com/products/tiger-paw-touring-all-season I just posted about another set of wheels and winter tires, in a different thread, that I am going with for the remainder of the winter.
  4. TheTurboEdge

    Maximum All Terrain Tire Size on 2014 Edge

    BTW, the Toyo AT3 is not as aggressive as the Duratrac. I think they are closer to the BFG TA's. I have run the TAs in the past they are great. The only reason I didnt go with the BFG's this time is because they are not avail in my size.
  5. TheTurboEdge

    Maximum All Terrain Tire Size on 2014 Edge

    Im taking off our factory 21's and putting on some factory take off 20's that I just purchased on Ebay and will be wrapping them in the 245/50R20 Toyo AT3 tires for the remainder of winter. Granted its a "stock size", but once I get them on I can give you a better suggestion on how big of a tire you can fit in there. I can certainly tell you that the 40 MTRs I just took off my good ole 2001 F350 will not fit :). According to this tire calculator I am sure your suggested combo will fit because the overall size difference is fairly small. Remember that if the overall height gain is 1 inch taller than stock, that means your Edge will gain ONLY a 1/2 inch more ground clearance.