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  1. TheTurboEdge

    2017 Edge Sport Ford OEM Trailer Hitch Install

    Are you talking about the foot to open sensor? No I didn’t replace it. I just folded both of them it in half, used zip ties to keep it folded, and reinstalled it. The only problem with doing what I did is it only works the right side now, meaning you have to kick to the right of the trailer hitch to open the rear hatch. What I am describing is in one of the pictures in the original post. Now, You can replace it with the newer parts from Ford that have the sensors cut into two pieces to go around the hitch, but I didn’t know about the new style parts at the time I did this install.
  2. TheTurboEdge

    2017 Edge Sport Ford OEM Trailer Hitch Install

    The images are out of order, but hopefully it will help someone who is thinking about doing this job. Its not hard, just time consuming. The Ford kit includes some basic instructions just to get you going. I have not installed the OEM wiring harness yet, it doesnt come with any instructions so I ordered the Ford wiring diagrams and am waiting for the big book to arrive. Those wondering why I didnt just tap into the existing harnesses or buy the other after market kit, it is because Im worried about damaging the BCM. On the Ford wiring harness it warns not to let the current draw go above 4.2 amps. My plan now is to use tap into the wires closer to the BCM and use relays. Im probably just over reacting to the warning but I want to be sure I dont damage anything. For those wondering why I went this route, since its way harder and double the cost, We are using this for a bike rack and I wanted to get the hitch higher up than the aftermarket hitches, and I really wanted the OEM look. Also, By doubling up the sensor wires this still leave about a 10-12 inch section on the right of the hitch that will properly detect my foot. It works fine as long as I remember not to kick left. At some point I will just order and install the split sensors. Thanks to Sivici420 for posting the OEM part numbers and his pictures. If it wasnt for his clean looking install I would not have taken this on.
  3. TheTurboEdge

    Hitch for Sport

    I greatly reduced the size and posted some build pics with a few comments in a photo album. I think its in the "Members Photo Albums" area, or click on my handle on the left and you can see it under the albums tab. Does anyone know if there is a way to get more space for uploads other than just reducing the size?
  4. TheTurboEdge

    Hitch for Sport

    Just updating the old thread for future readers... I just did this factory tow hitch install on our 2017 Sport last weekend. It took me a lot longer than the 3 hours it took Sivicsi420, but I was doing it without a helper. I also ordered the factory wiring harness, but havent installed that yet. That part didn't come with any instructions so I ordered the factory Ford wiring book and am waiting for it to arrive. And it isnt anything like the other aftermarket quick attach harness kits. After seeing both, I recommend the aftermarket kit for the ease of installation only. I cant vouch if it will eventually burn up the BCM without the use of external relays. To answer dweiss22 's question, yes, you absolutely have to remove the rear bumper cover. Not hard but very cumbersome doing it alone. The factory Ford kit comes with all the hardware needed, and mine came with a pre-molded bumper cover insert that can be used on other Edge models OTHER THAN the sport. By replacing the insert with the included cover, non Sport owners will not have to carve out their bumper cover. The factory Ford kit also came with some very basic instructions that will get a person started. As far as price, I found a coupon from a dealer for 15% off counter part orders. My local dealer matched it, so for the factory wiring harness and the trailer hitch I was around $400 out the door. I used the factory part numbers from Sivicsi420 above post. As far as the kick to open, I didnt have the split sensors so I just doubled them up on the right side with zip ties. Now I have to kick to the right of the hitch...and be within 12 inches of the right side. Since I doubled it up, it doesnt work on the left any more, not too big of a deal, but I wish I had ordered the split sensors like others have done. I will post some pictures later after I reduce the size, to meet the upload limits, for those that are contemplating this vs the after market hitches. I will say this one is built very heavy duty since it replaces the rear crash bar, and it doesnt sit low like the aftermarket hitch kits. Were using it for our bike rack so I wanted it as high as possible.... and of course I wanted the factory look as well.
  5. TheTurboEdge

    Hitch for Sport

    Sivicsi420, How hard was it to wire the factory harness ? I am looking to do exactly what you did.
  6. TheTurboEdge

    Best floor mats for 2016 Edge?

    After doing the research, I just went with Husky for our Edge. Summit Racing had them on sale and were cheaper than Amazon. I have have the Weather Tech in my BMW and the edges started to roll inwards after only 6 months. The Husky mats feel thicker and are a bit more ridged so they should hold their form alot longer...but...only time will tell.
  7. TheTurboEdge

    Tire suggestion 2019 Edge

    We just picked up a 2017 CPO Sport. It came with the 21 inch factory wheels and almost new Uniroyal Tiger Paw Touring AS tires. The tires are fairly quiet, ride nice (for being on 21's), are responsive, all season rated, and are available in your size for 19 inch wheels. They are rated for 65k miles in the "V" rated and the "H" rated are allegedly good for 75k miles. https://www.uniroyaltires.com/products/tiger-paw-touring-all-season I just posted about another set of wheels and winter tires, in a different thread, that I am going with for the remainder of the winter.
  8. TheTurboEdge

    Maximum All Terrain Tire Size on 2014 Edge

    BTW, the Toyo AT3 is not as aggressive as the Duratrac. I think they are closer to the BFG TA's. I have run the TAs in the past they are great. The only reason I didnt go with the BFG's this time is because they are not avail in my size.
  9. TheTurboEdge

    Maximum All Terrain Tire Size on 2014 Edge

    Im taking off our factory 21's and putting on some factory take off 20's that I just purchased on Ebay and will be wrapping them in the 245/50R20 Toyo AT3 tires for the remainder of winter. Granted its a "stock size", but once I get them on I can give you a better suggestion on how big of a tire you can fit in there. I can certainly tell you that the 40 MTRs I just took off my good ole 2001 F350 will not fit :). According to this tire calculator I am sure your suggested combo will fit because the overall size difference is fairly small. Remember that if the overall height gain is 1 inch taller than stock, that means your Edge will gain ONLY a 1/2 inch more ground clearance.