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    Well the ol' girl turned 200k miles the other day

    GREAT to read you have hit 200,000 with now major problems. I always say if you keep up with maintenance, they can run a real long time.

    Decisions, Decisions

    Did you ever consider looking at a certified pre-owned MKX? I'm on my 2nd MKX, had a '12, then a '16, with the 2.7 Ecoboost, which pumps out 335 bhp, and rides and handles like a dream. The Edge is sweet, but the MKX just gives so much more in comfort and features.
  3. My nephew is looking at a pre-owned Edge, anyone know best dealership to get a Ford Premium Care Warranty ?
  4. oI have a '12 MKX, and the cupholder light is as bright as other ambient lighting. I think this a problem that has to be corrected. Thanks for you input omar302
  5. I'm posting here, because there is hardly any activity in the Lincoln Forum. Got my wife a '15 MKS back in June, love the car, but noticed one problem. The ambient lighting in the car seems to be working fine EXEPT in the cupholders in the console. The light is very dim. After I noticed it, I did stop back at the dealership, and showed it to my salesman. He said it did illuminate, but he didn't have another '15 MKS to compare it to. He had to stick a piece of paper in the cupholder area to see that there is some light in it. Has anyone else experienced anything like this?

    Curb Rash and Lease-End

    My wife did a lot worse damage to her '09 MKS wheels, I used silver touch up paint, with s FINE artists brush, helped make it look not as bad as it was. Traded it in on a new MKS a few months ago back in June, wheels weren't even mentioned, and they sold the car within a week and a half.

    2015 Edge wheels

    Really some sharp looking wheels ya got, Brad.

    Curb Rash and Lease-End

    Wives are not always as careful by curbs, that's how. !

    Curb Rash and Lease-End

    Try getting some touch up "silver-ish colored" paint brush on style, and touch them up. Also, return it in need of a wash, the dirt will help hide the scrapes.
  10. JOEHIO

    Need help from the site

    Okay Buddy, I cast my vote for you, as requested. Busy day today, Verizon came to fix 2 problems, still left me with one (duh), did some last minute food shopping, as Chris is back home, wanted a few more 'Goodies". She's doing remarkably well, catch up on F/B !
  11. wes8398 - I used a Porter Cable DA Polisher, used the blue pad, the guy said it's not too harsh on the dark color. I think that the correction compound will work just fine. Definitely have to dom it by hand, even the Mothers PowerBall night not get into all area's, and would produce splatter like crazy. Happy to see you like Colllinite, too. Another forum person (Richy) clued me into this, along with duragloss products. When we got the wife's new '15 MKS the end of June, first thing I did was bring it home, while the paint was still "virgin", and put a good coat of Collinite on it. The car looks amazing. Wish you the best on the wheels. Joe
  12. Last fall, did my wifes '09 Cinnamon MKS (now has a new '15 S), with Meguires mirror glaze (# 105) Ultra-cut compound, followed by Malco Tru Polish (part # 197332) All in one Polish and swirl remover followed by Collinite 845 Insulator Wax. results were amazing. Might want to try this out.
  13. JOEHIO

    Sensors making noise for no reason

    I'm not sure, but I think you can turn off the backup sensors, check your owners manual.
  14. JOEHIO

    Ford Edge tires

    Had a tire go bad on my wife's car (when she had her '09 MKS), and I replaced both front's so they would have same tread depth for handling. braking, etc. There was about 30,000 miles when she had the blowout.
  15. JOEHIO

    Which to purchase Ford Edge or Nissan Murano ?

    And I bet the Lincoln misses you, too !