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  1. ituhata

    Mustang SUV

    I'm not crazy about it at all just like I wasnt crazy about slapping the ST badge on the new Edges. I might have looked into one without the mustang symbol slapped all over it but for now I'll stick with my Sport.plus I have to make a 600 mile trip every year so I can't really be in the market for those anyway. Also ppl in this thread talking about lefty types looking down their noses at Ford, and im just sittin over here happily getting 14mpg. :3
  2. ituhata

    Track Time Results

    I just screenshotted mine by holding the power and home keys (pretty sure I downloaded a screenshot app to be able to do that)
  3. ituhata

    Track Time Results

    Welp, my slips say my reactions are .414 and .461so I guess that wasnt it. I was told by a guy at the track to focus on the amber bulb and as soon as i see it gun it. Looks like its good advice. Nice runs guys. Im glad i got a reference to know where I need to be.
  4. ituhata

    Track Time Results

    They told me if its my first time just go from idle. But I've always felt my car is too slow for the tune. It chokes on start more than I think it should even for a turbocharged car. Also what's up with that dead spot just before 70mph? They have tuners at the track, I wonder if I backed out the livernois tune and let one of them work on it if it would be better. But then I wonder if its worth the money. I used the soft shift tune because I dont like it slamming into gears around town because everyone in Pensacola drives ridiculously slow and it just seems dumb to be banging gears at 30mph. But because everyone drives slow in town I'm wondering how much learned transmission behavior hurts me. Anytime I've ever reset tunes it's been great for a day or two then it goes back to sucking on starts. I really should see how it does if I brake torque it next time. I'm also wondering if I reacted fast enough off the start, I dont really get what the reaction line means but I'm guessing that means me reacting to the light?
  5. ituhata

    Track Time Results

    Well, I finally made it to a track. Not sure if I did any good or not. This car has the Livernois 93 Performance Soft Shift Tune. I did both runs from idle, I was going to try doing a 1500rpm start but I didnt get a whole lot of time to set up, it was late, the right lane had oil and there was a wrecked car down at the end.
  6. ituhata

    Which Tuner do you prefer.....

    2 things: 1: I went to put the 93 performance tune back for demo, and for whatever reason the calibrator refused to do anything but stock. it got flashed back to stock then back to the 93, and the lag went away for now. 2: not sure I should upload these >_> Also fyi for those wondering, after comparing notes, I think 037 is safely faster than I am, lol.
  7. ituhata

    Which Tuner do you prefer.....

    If i get a chance on the interstate, or actually make it to an open dragway for once, I'll post up. The dashcam speedometer is a cheap chinese thing that isnt terribly accurate after you pass 60, up around 100 to 110 i think it could be off by 5, so not guaranteed to be faster than yours, lol. EDIT: and really, with just an air filter and tune for power mods, I doubt I will.
  8. ituhata

    Which Tuner do you prefer.....

    Eh, I don't want to get into mixing gases to get that working right. Yeah, once my car is around 40-60 the passing power is great, despite the lag. I feel like once it gets going it moves the needle faster than that one above. Unfortunately, all my dashcam vids that had examples are gone because it likes to continue recording for hours even after the car is off.
  9. ituhata

    Which Tuner do you prefer.....

    Im going to try running a few tanks of BP 93 instead of the shell I was going to. We'll see if maybe the gas at that shell is watered down or contaminated or someting. For now it's running ok on the 91 tune, a little lag but no worse, or not much worse, than stock turbo lag
  10. ituhata

    Which Tuner do you prefer.....

    Oh, I'm actually not all that handy, lol. Most of the mods I've done are pretty simple....I wouldn't dream of trying to get to those di sparkplugs. But I seem to have missed that bit in all the research I had done on the livernois tunes. I will probably have a shop look into it and set them properly at a later date, after I recover from overspending this on this round of mods, lol. No check engine lights so far, on any of the tunes, really. Quick Edit: I did some snooping around on the "best 93 gasoline" and ran across a unanimuos chorus of dodge charger owners saying shell gasoline throws error codes. That and the station I've been using is not a top tier looking place.... I think I'm going to try another station before I start going crazy looking for other problems.
  11. ituhata

    Which Tuner do you prefer.....

    My car is new, I would not expect fluid levels or sensors to be an issue with less than 4k miles. I'm using Shell 93 octane, but the station I use is a bit run down despite the name, so fuel might be suspect. I have whatever version of the mycalibrator that was out a month or so ago. It's fairly cold, in the 50s I would guess. I dropped the tune down to 91 performance, it seems to have alleviated the problem, its almost behaving like the stock turbo lag, maybe sometimes running up to a full second before the power finally starts coming in, but I can live with that.
  12. ituhata

    Which Tuner do you prefer.....

    Hey, is it normal in the LMS 93 performance mode for the engine to bog down bad (seems like 2-3 seconds) when you absolutely floor it?
  13. ituhata

    ST gets horrible review

    I think alot of the flak is the branding. If this was just a refreshed sport I doubt it would be getting this much hate. I never owned an ST but I know the kind of folks who do, and if they really wanted to give the Edge the ST treatment, they should have done what they could to drop weight, including sound dampening and all the extra features loaded into the Sport/St packages. I think alot of the problems I see reviewers talk about when discussing the "sportiness" of the Edge Sport and now the ST is its weight, and no matter how much you tune the suspension there's only so much you can do to hide it in a big, top heavy platform. They should also drop the engine noise gimmicks, or give us a choice. Even if they kept an automatic I think just doing just those two things would have gone a long way to making this less of an insult to the ST brand. If Ford wanted to keep the luxury while trying to be sporty they could have kept the Sport and introduced the lighter, less feature rich ST. That being said I hate the refresh face and tail on any trim of the new Edge. Hearing the Engine Noise on the ST swapping between sport mode was just embarrassing. Sounds like the 8 speed needs some work for next year, and maybe on an 8 speed transmission they might need to think about a more intuitive way to use the paddle shifters than to just march up and down the gears sequentially. I'm glad I got the outgoing 18 model, I kinda wanted that extra bump in power, but I'll just be happy with what I got with a little tune.
  14. ituhata


    You have nice shoppin' skittles.
  15. ituhata

    Track Time Results

    First time trying to go to a track today only to be thwarted, drove 3 hours round trip. ;__;