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  1. Performance upgrade took 45 minutes only problem found was within the calendar. Shows date of July 2, 2031. Can only change date back to 2030, SYNC told me that they are aware of the problem.
  2. Burtman

    Loose driver seat

    I have a 2011 Edge Limited and mine does the same thing. Have taken it to the dealer and everything is tight. I have read that this is a Ford "thing'........
  3. Burtman

    Edge Reliability

    I have had my 2011 Limited AWD since December 2, 3900 miles, and had no problems. Hope this helps!
  4. My dealer told me it is located in the "A" post drivers side. The A post is the steel post next to the windshield.
  5. Burtman

    Ordered new wheels!

    Looks Good!
  6. Burtman

    Edge in the snow

    I have had three Subaru Outbacks in the past,97,00 and a 2010. I totaled the 2010 Subaru after owning it for five months and could not make a deal on a new one. Test drove the Edge and was very impressed on how it handled. Gas milage was better with the 2.5 engine on the Subaru 29 mpg. I am getting 23 so far on my Edge Limited AWD. As for the AWD it is just like the Subaru. I live in Syracuse NY and we get lots of snow. It drives great on the 18" tires that came on the vehicle. I also like the added room inside. Both are nice cars but I would go for the edge just for all of the fun toys that come with it. I am very happy with the Sync system and Navigation along with the sound system. Good luck to you.............
  7. Burtman

    Keypad Lesson

    Thank you for the reminder! Just went out to program in my own door code on my 2011 Limited........
  8. Can anyone please tell me where the Antenna is located for the Remote Start!
  9. Burtman

    emergency flasher poorly placed

    I have had my 2011 Edge Limited for two months and had no problems. I have yet to hit the Emergency flasher button, and I am always using the touch screen, just had the sync updated at the dealer and everything went well. So far I am enjoying my new ride!
  10. Burtman

    First snow

    Like a Tank.......As good if not better then my Subaru!
  11. Burtman

    Navigation impression

    I have had my 2011 Edge Limited for just about a month and I must say I am very impressed with the Navigation system. I have owned a 2007 BMW X3 and a 2008 BMW X5 with Navigation and ford is by far superior. Better graphics, easy to use, along with more choses in the way you can view the screen and directions. I have used the navigation by voice and by touch screen and was very easy to do. My only complaint is that the SD card maps are not up to date and at this time there are no current updates available. The street that I live on is three years old and is not on the map. My portable GPS is two years old and has my street listed. All in all a great Navigation system.
  12. Burtman

    Key Case

    Yesterday I found a case at the dollar store that the key fits into perfectly. I have the Limited with car starter built into the key fob. The case is made for folding eye glasses. Looks great and works great. It is hard sided and is no bigger then the key itself!
  13. Burtman

    New Edge owner! I call BS

    Thats why I now have a Mac and sold my Microsoft computer! BUT this Edge is a fantastic vehicle!
  14. My Subaru remote works at over 1000 feet !