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  1. My 2ยข Recv'd my package Tue (2 days ago). Just performed the update. Exactly 45 mins, no problems. Deleted orig Sync device from my phone's bluetooth settings during update. Re-paired afterward easily and fast. Download of phonebook was very fast. Process of adding quick dials was very responsive. I have nav, but have not looked at it yet. All in all, I like the new layout. I had my dog's pic as current wallpaper. Now that's my 4-corner home screen background. Nice. Updated syncmyride easily with no probs. So far, so good. Cannot wait to see if / how it handles the new iPad. Will tackle that later today. When I used my iPod Touch (4gen) with ~24GB music, it took forever to index. Same 24GB is on new iPad. Wonder if indexing will be any better with both devices having new software. The new iPad is overall much faster than the iPod Touch.
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    I heard that the hardware for MFT includes a CPU and a separate graphics CPU - like a graphics card in desktops / laptops - has always been there. However, the graphics processor was never utilized. The main processor was doing all the MFT work AND all the nav + other graphics work. But now, with this performance upgrade, they have enabled the graphics CPU. (Why on earth it wasn't like that from day 1, I'll never know.) That in and of itself should make the entire system tons speedier.
  3. revOevoM

    MFT v2.8 update

    The latest info I have received regarding s/w levels is this In your System Information, you'll see a CCPU S/W 5-digit version no That should correspond to one of these part nos and s/w versions 10212 -AJ 1.8 10308 -BD 2.3 10337 -BE 2.4 11038 -BH 2.7 11063 -BJ 2.8 11081 -BL 2.10 (focus only) That's all I know
  4. revOevoM

    Sync Server Upgrades

    Nope. Attaboys, Ford. Keep up the good work!
  5. Hate to start a thread for a temporary thing, but... ...word is the Ford Sync servers will be updated this weekend, 4/9-4/11. No dealer updates can be performed during this time and the syncmyride website will also be unavailable. (Let's hope they provide support for new browser versions). May be Tuesday before the site's available.
  6. revOevoM

    2011 Edge/MKX My Touch and Sync Problems

    ... they told me that I do not want this update! It apparently causes issues that make other features lock up... Nice. Add insult to injury. Now Ford's applying bad updates to bad code? Do they take anything seriously? Seriously. Does anyone there know what they're doing? I have run out of superlatives that even come close to defining what a cluster this has become.
  7. revOevoM

    2011 Edge/MKX My Touch and Sync Problems

    dat's all i know
  8. revOevoM

    2011 Edge/MKX My Touch and Sync Problems

    I found out Monday that yet another TSB (11-3-15) was issued for MFT updates last Friday, 3/11. While I'm in absolute full favor of code fixes and updates, what I cannot friggin' believe is that this is another one that MUST BE INSTALLED BY THE DEALER!! Why in the world has Ford designed a process for owner's to update software themselves, but yet the majority of code updates to date have required dealer installs? Huh? Why? I was waiting and checking syncmyride to see if this update became available for a self-install. Not yet. (Could be it doesn't or won't apply to my particular vehicle.) Does Ford think all owners have to do is drive back and forth to their dealer to get updates? Absolutely insane. No difference whatsoever than requiring an iPod be taken to an Apple store to get a version update. It's SOFTWARE, not a head gasket. Anyone know if BMW, Audi, Saab, Acura, Infiniti, any other automobile manufacurer requires multiple visits to dealers for software updates? Has this become the norm? Geez, Consumer Reports was right (but maybe not for the correct reason). If it's too complicated, rip the damn crap outa the car and go back to knobs and switches. I'm quickly losing patience and respect for anything MFT. Some 2011 Edge, MKX and Explorer vehicles equipped with MyFord Touch and MyLincoln Touch may experience various concerns in the following areas: Clock intermittently displays incorrect time, voice recognition, voice recognition when using SYNC services, phone pairing, USB device detection, Travel Link download time.
  9. revOevoM

    Where's our browser?

    Ford said last year that the SDK for developers would be available by year's end. Here's how that site has looked since December. Maybe if people had the tools, they could actually build something (not necessarily a browser, but other cool stuff).
  10. revOevoM

    Anyone using iPod Touch 4?

    I have a 4th gen iPod Touch. Works fine using USB; haven't tried connecting via BT (keep my phone connected) or with video cables. Have ~ 17GB of music on it. Album art displays just fine.
  11. revOevoM

    Sync Status Checker

    I was told by Ford CRC that the Status Checker needs to be installed (by user) ONLY if the user has problems reporting successful installs. It will remain in the list on the site even if you install it. (I presume to re-install if necessary)
  12. revOevoM

    video queston

    A full screen wallpaper is defined in the Manual as 800 x 378. So, if you cropped your 640 x 480, it would have to go down to 640 x 302 to play full screen without distortion. I haven't worked too much with videos to know how to crop 'em.
  13. revOevoM

    2011 Edge/MKX My Touch and Sync Problems

    Another self-reboot after 2.4 :wacko: I had a route set yesterday. I received a Traffic notification that there is an incident on my route. The good thing is this is the first time this has happened and it's nice to see the Traffic notification app is working. I display details and select Avoid. Nothing. Did I press hard enough? (not going into that, now) Press Avoid again. Black screen. Reboot. Audio picks up (from USB conected iPod Touch) right where it left off. Route reinstated too. Had to reconnect phone manually. All Travel Link subs still working. Everything's been fine since.
  14. revOevoM

    2011 Edge/MKX My Touch and Sync Problems

    I have solved the mystery of the yellow i. Today, my i was still yellow, turning that color after toying around in some menus. Upon pressing the i, the Notifications tab of the Sync Services was selected - I must have left it on that tab yesterday. There was one Notification - I had changed a phone setting and the confirm was there. It dawned on me that exact moment - the i was yellow to signify a notification was available to view. Sure enough, upon deletion, the i returned to its normal white color.
  15. This is what happened to me shortly after I got BluEdge in late September. In mid October, my phone wouldn't pair and I got the split-second code display, then pairing failed. I spoke with Ford CRC and they told me to try a master reset (which didn't work) and if that didn't work, I needed a software "reflash" - basically a re-install of the original software. I got this done at the dealer on Nov 1 with less than 850 miles on the car. Before the car left the service bay, I was able to re-pair my phone and have had zero problems since then. There are some threads about this - check back to around the Oct/Nov timeframe.