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    Sirius Travel Link Service

    they r very shady. but where i live they change the format of every fm channel i listen to. so i cancel every 6 months and get a letter in the mail offering 6 months for $25 i say deal...
  2. itm23

    OEM 8" subwoofer and enclosure

    i look on the ford part web site (search keyword woofer and is come sup at $261)
  3. itm23

    OEM 8" subwoofer and enclosure

    is ther a model numder on ther some where
  4. Just in stalled the oem nav in place of the old 6 diskin my 2009 edge. thanks to oemautopartsco.com i was worried b/c in 2009 they switch to clarion witch means that sirius is built-in the head unit. they sent me every thing i needed, but no instructions except for the sync bypass if needed. it took a little time to figure out but i go it done. hint there is no inline amp( one came in kit i thought i had to replace) in the car already that took me a while to figure out. if any one has any qustions give me a pm i can help.
  5. is it a touch screen or factory 6 disk. if it is the 6 disk push the menu botton the scroll through the sat options and chage the seek setting
  6. sorry gave wrong web site i updated it just installed the unit took a little figuring out but it works great
  7. the web site is oemautopartsco.com they r helping me out right now with an 09 upgrade
  8. itm23

    Gas mileage question

    i get about 21 mpg in mosty around town traffic
  9. itm23

    Need Guidance on what to do with Ford !

  10. kicker hideaway fits under rear seat
  11. PINO has any one seen or tried this unit looking for input i would like to upgrade the radio but dont want lose any functionsMy link
  12. itm23

    Engine noise

    it is happening to all 3.5L ford engine. i give u $1000 if u want to lose it that bad my 05 toyo had a weird noise like it