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    The Edge is gone!

    Hello guys,, I wanted to say thanks for the last 10 months on the forum. There were some good advice and tips I found here for the 2011 limited but I traded the Edge the other day for a BMW M3! I guess having the Mercedes AMG prior to Edge spoiled me and I had to get back into the race car class. I should have taken all my upgrades and DRL lights out and shared them with the forum but it didn't work out. Take care!
  2. I updated MFT/Sync software this morning (11-09-12) with the new update. They must have released this in the last week or so... There are some nice changes like outside temp on the home screen, zoom options when backing up and many others. Just download it from the Sync website onto a memory stick and install it. It will take an hour or so with the vehicle running.
  3. mmcclure

    Mileage on OE brake pads and Tires

    I second rogersmj
  4. mmcclure

    IPhone 5 and MFT

    The combination of an IPhone 5 and most recent update of My Ford Touch does not work.... Well at least 35% of the time. It will not connect to the phone, will not stop quickly, will not accelerate and does not handle well.. Oh!!! that's the vehicle!!! LOL I have to get rid of this thing!!
  5. mmcclure

    2011 Certified Ford Edge Limited For Sale

    Hello, Yes the vehicle is for sale. Message me your email and I can send photos to you. The vehicle is a limited and has all options available at production time minus sunroof. The vehicle has all LED lights interior and exterior, HID headlights, DRL vertical lights from brightlites and rear door puddle lights. Hardwired radar detector and 18 inch wheels. If you are interested it has a high end audio systems valued at 2500.00.
  6. mmcclure

    Primed Grille Insert

    I have a brand new Tuxedo black Ford Edge grille for sale (2011 and up models) Selling for $260.00 plus shipping to the lower 48 US states! Let me know if you want this one. Thanks
  7. mmcclure

    IMG 5728

    Nice Job!!!
  8. 2011 Ford Edge Limited for sale. Clean car fax and certified with no accidents, dents or scratches. Silver exterior, stone leather interior with FWD and 29,000 miles. All options plus upgrades including LED lighting throughout, Daytime Running Lights, HID headlights tinted windows, 18inch chrome clad wheels, No mechanical issues, all maintenance records with good Michelin tires. Vehicle is under warranty for both 3years 36,000 miles bumper to bumper plus the certified power train 100,000 mile warranty. Free shipping door to door. $25,800.00! Look through gallery photos for pictures.
  9. Mine came off as well. They replaced the entire section for me...
  10. Hello, I have one "Tuxedo Black" grille on sale. It is brand new and was never mounted on a vehicle. The grille was purchased new then painted by custom body shop on the East Coast (VA). They packaged it and its now ready for delivery. Unfortunately they did do not take photos before it was packaged. This custom shop has painted a few of my Harley Davidson show bikes featured in magazines so the work is always great. The grille is selling for $289.99 plus shipping and can be paid through Paypal. I will get the exact dimensions of the box ASAP so you will have a better idea of shipping costs. Contact me with any questions. The photo is a stock photo provided by Ford of the tuxedo black grille.. Thanks and good luck!!
  11. mmcclure

    FS Factory Sub & Box / 8" kicker solo classic

    My post that the sub and box has been sold must not have posted. Sorry!
  12. mmcclure

    2013 Edge SEL with appearance package

  13. I just noticed the mini antenna is broken. I am assuming the only way I can think is it happened was when service tech ran it through the "NOT touchless" Ford dealership car wash after my service. I forgot how ugly that stock one is.. I assume if I buy another 40.00 one I will have to tell the advisor I do not wish to have car wash or remove it prior to service.
  14. mmcclure

    New 2013 Edge Sport

    Nice.. Welcome