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  1. So I found the problem. All relays, fuses, etc, checked out fine. Removed the tank to check the pump and found faulty/bad/melted wiring harness... inside the tank on the existing fuel pump. Not exactly what I would like to see inside a gas tank!! See pics. Replaced pump. Works fine. Btw, I did also find access panel (see pics) where it looks like the pump could have been removed from inside the car... but not sure that would have been any easier by the time you removed the seats, carpet, etc and had tiny opening to break pump lock ring loose. The tank dropped fairly easily... put the back of the car on ramps, removed rear half of exhaust (1 clamp and 4 rubber hangers), 6 tank mount bolts, moved a couple brake cables out of the way, disconnected fuel line, evap hose, tank fill hose, let it down easy with floor jack and rolled/slid out the back. Hope this helps someone else.
  2. akirby, thanks. no it has had over a qtr tank both times. i tend to lean towards a electrical vs the pump being clogged because it cranks each time i hear the pump spin, but not at all when no pump noise, but not sure. Anyone familiar with hardwired connections inside the tank at the pump going bad? How likely a pump going bad would sometimes come on and sometimes not vs. just failing?
  3. Have a 2007 Edge fwd. Have had no problems until recently would not start shortly after being driven a few minutes earlier. Could not find similar thread. Turns over fine, not a battery issue. Fuel pump not making noise. Plenty of fuel in tank. Checked and switched around relays and fuses with no apparent fix. Jiggled wires above fuel tank/pump, with no apparent fix. Tapped (banged) on bottom of tank... seemed to work... turned key, fuel pump comes on, car cranks and runs fine for another week without even a sputter. Same thing again... no fuel pump noise, car not starting after being driven earlier that morning... did all of the above again... relays, fuses, tank wires, banging on tank... and this time reset the inertia switch in the back quarter panel. Nothing. Sits for 2 days, go to put in nuetral and roll back... put key in, turn key on, pump runs, car cranks and runs fine. Trying to avoid removing fuel pump from tank if there is any other possible solution. Any other thoughts or better ways to test relays for intermittent failure? Also, any idea what the fule pump diode is/does? Located with the relays and fuses, but just looks like a small black opaque fuse. I think it keeps power from traveling one way, but not sure if it can fail or how to check. Thanks, cb
  4. searching the web... same answers from many other forums, makes, etc.... most answers say keep trying over and over and over, eventually it will reset, even if not on designated channel. Some advise a hard reset by completely disconnecting power supply for a few seconds then trying all of the above again... a few people said had to buy new receiver. apparently ford nor sirius has a procedure.
  5. Found this thread... sounds like what we're dealing with... from user Thower20, thread: Sirius radio, radio needs to be reset http://www.fordedgeforum.com/index.php?/topic/6012-sirius-radio/page__view__findpost__p__48789__hl__%2Bsirius+%2Bactivation__fromsearch__1
  6. Same thing.. bought a 07 edge and the previous subscription just expired... i set up new account and have been trying for 3 days to call and reset... my instructions tell me to tune to 184 but as you said, there seems to be no way to change channel and get away from call sirius message. I've called several times, but they sirius reps can't seem to understand that i can't change the channel... and just keep repeating "turn to channel 184".... arrrgghh! If i find an answer I will let you know.
  7. Forgive me for likely making a new string for and old topic, but I could not find exactly what I was wanting in the forum search. We purchased a 2007 Edge SEL with the 6 disk changer/radio/sat/etc... What are my options for swapping a newer or upgraded system with Navigation into the same dash location. When was sync added? I'm not quite familiar enough yet with exactly what versions are available in which models. Thanks for any advice or links... Chris
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    We just got an 07 Edge SEL... love it so far, great first owner kept emaculate and well maintained... seems new. Looking into what factory or aftermarket options might be available... Would like to add navigation maybe...