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  1. I always liked this bug and wished it could be turned on. The kid gets a kick out of it and it kind of cool in car washes.
  2. Coming from 2.11 w/o nav. took about 45 minutes. Haven't played much but it seems more responsive. The ambient lighting Balls seem to move around better on the screen Not a fan of the gray gradient over the colors. I liked the bright colors better. I miss the temp but like the compass. Would be nice to have both there.
  3. thinguy

    MFT 3.02+ Wishlist

    Just upgraded this afternoon and only spent about 30 minutes with it so far but it does seem faster and more logical layout. Hate to nitpick but.... Not a big fan of the more grayish gradient they're using on the colors. I liked the brighter category colors better. I also use my phone/bluetooth to play audio and I think I have to page down to get to that input device.
  4. thinguy

    Sirius renewal deal?

    Wow thanks for all the great info and links guys. Glad I didn't just re-up.
  5. My 6 month promo of Sirius is about to expire and I'm on the fence for renewal. They've been sending me renewal info but no real deals. I'm wondering if I hold out if they'll offer a better deal. Anyone gotten anything by waiting? Thanks all.
  6. What is recommended to keep the grill on a 2011 clean and shiny? Thanks
  7. NIce! Wondering if the owners manual would fit under panel? That would free up some space in the glove box. And/or if a hole could be cut in the panel and a waste cup fit into it. Make a nice small trash bin.
  8. thinguy

    Album Art

    Just got my Edge Saturday and have been playing around with USB music today. Here's what I've found that works well. Using MediaMonkey (free download) to rip songs. This automatically puts songs in folders\subfolders \artist\album\01-song.mp3 Then to get a better quality album art I'm using mp3tag (free download) that pulls 500x500 pixel images and embeds them into the .mp3s I was using EAC but this was very slow, MediaMonkey is very fast.
  9. After close to a year a finally bit the bullet and picked a new SEL Candy Red, with 202a And I'm loving it. But have a few questions: Any way to see the internal cabin temp? It shows external, and you can set what internal temp you want. Seems like there would be a way to show the internal. Change drawer. Not a fan of the small tray and how it attaches in the console. Anyone found any aftermarket thing that fits nicely? The leather especially on the steering wheel has a odd almost plastic feel. Wondering if that's because it's new or it has some sort of coating/sealant on it still? Loving the car.
  10. I'm starting to see "Job #2" listed on Edges on mylocalfordstore.com. I know Job #2 is the second production run, but wondering what the differences are between #1 and #2 ? Thanks.
  11. thinguy

    clear bra installed on 2011 Edge

    So it's like a plastic film that just covers the car? Feel like I'm just know hearing about "power windows" or something....
  12. thinguy

    Warranty work

    Yep. Up to the dealer. I'm still looking for my Edge, but just last week I had a dealer as part of his selling pitch mention that their service offers loaners. I didn't ask but I think it was "if you bought from us" kind of thing. Several years ago I was shopping for a new car I had a dealer mention that they serviced so many cars they'd have to have another lot just for loaners. he meant it as a "We're big we sell and service so much" brag. He didn't like it when I turned it around half joking and said "That's a lot of unreliable and broken cars". Pretty crappy that they don't take appointments. That's just bad service. Do they offer drop off and pick up service so you can at least get to work/home and don't have to wait there?
  13. thinguy

    clear bra installed on 2011 Edge

    Never heard of that? How long does it last? How does it stick?
  14. I've not got an Edge yet, I'm still looking for the best model/deal but it will be an SEL so no HD Radio but will have MFT/Sync. Thinking that rather than connecting my iphone every time I get in the car, or running the battery draining bluetooth I may want to just use a usb drive or SD card for music. I don't buy a lot of new music so my collection would be fairly static. Is MP3 the only format supported? Any limitation to bitrate, etc? Any limitation to format or size of usb or sd card? Thanks all.
  15. thinguy

    Retro solutions HID's

    I think a warranty is an expection of how long the seller expects the product to last. After some fancy math I'm sure. Too long and they go broke with repairs, replacements and too few return customers buying new. Having a part with a 30 day warranty in something as important (can't go without them) and expensive seems like a mistake I say this not to stir the pot, or point fingers. But to discuss the reason and so we can better understand. Is the part an option? Some way to use the headlights while waiting for replacement? Is it generic enough a big box store would have it? So waiting isn't an issue. Cheap enough more than one should be purchased as a ready spare? Again I'm not siding with the thread starter he seems frustration got the better of him. Which I think we all understand